YouTube Sessions: Killawatt

Matthew Watts, better known in Techno/Dubstep circles as Killawatt quickly became known for his underground crossover approach back in 2010 when he rose through the ranks to cut his teeth in some of the biggest clubs in the world & whilst still at university.

He’s recently made a transition to producing slower, textural and more abstract Techno – with his new material being snapped up by the likes of Osiris Music UK, RunOutRun and Suffolk based imprint Derelicht. His latest sonic exploration, ‘Aeolis Mons’ features on the first installation of a limited edition sampler series from Derelicht,  with the track itself the product of an accumulation of field recordings over the past three years. It has an amazing raw energy and, in his own words, it feels like the entire process is a “…intense trip condensed down into a few minutes.” The imprint has released a glitchy video to accompany the release today. Check it out here.

To celebrate the occasion, we invited Matt to share with you ten of his favourite videos on the Tube. The selection includes surreal French animation from the 70’s, an epic trick-shot from a heated game of squash & one of the rowdiest fight scenes we’ve ever seen…

Scene From Amelie

My favourite part from one of my top 3 films of all time. Everything that’s so amazing about this film is encapsulated in these few minutes of footage. Brilliant cinema!

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

Susan Cain’s lecture on the power of the introvert really struck a chord with me. With so much pressure from the media nowadays to be overly extrovert, it was so refreshing to hear someone talk powerfully and confidently about the importance of introverts throughout society!

The Raid 2 – Fight Scene

This is just sheer bad-assery of the highest degree & that is all to be said here.

Chili Four Loco – Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time provided me with many hours of procrastination through university. It’s excessive, stupid, American, hilarious and inspired a very memorable end of term party in my final year. This episode is, for the most part, the most ridiculous on there in my opinion.

Hannibal 2×12 – Face off

This might seem like a slight macabre and gruesome selection to some but there was something about this scene towards the end of the 2nd series of Hannibal that fully cemented my love of the show. After thinking that Hannibal probably couldn’t get any more graphic than it already had got, watching a man cut off his own face and feed it to a dog whilst being so nonchalant about the whole affair would normally seem OTT and crass. However, shot in the way it was, with subtlety, empathy and a respect for the fragile nature of the human condition, this scene became one of the most powerful i’ve seen in a long time!

La Planete Sauvage – “Fantastic Planet” – Meditation Scene

I first saw this film sat in a tiny, igloo type tent at Waveform festival in 2010. There was myself and a few other strangers taking some rest bite from the intensity of the main festival, and i’d wondered in not knowing what to expect. What I found however, was a mind blowing piece of cinema that has stuck with me ever since. ‘Fantastic Planet’ reaches beyond the realms of standard surrealism and psychedelia to become something that you can’t really explain. It fully complements the brilliant weirdness of the mind and shows that pure creativity flows best when preconceptions, trends and stereotypes are nowhere to be seen.

Steevio-Live Modular Techno / Freeform studio jam pt2

Steevio is just a boss, no doubt about it. This guy just jams and has serious fun doing it, but who wouldn’t with a monster like that?!

(Raveageddon ‘Face painting with Ray Keith’ – ‘Laser Quest with Andy C’)

If you can’t appreciate the humour in this then we probably can’t be friends anymore…

‘Face painting with Ray Keith…Laser quest with Andy C…KENNY KEN!!’

Double Fake Squash Shot

I’m a complete squash nerd nowadays and this shot is just outrageous. If you’ve played squash before or just knowing anything about it then you’ll appreciate the skill and dexterity it takes to play a shot like this. Like I said. OUTRAGEOUS.

Nihongo Pulse Balloons

Like Steevio before, Lyonel Bauchet is also a boss with a massive modular. The only difference being he is french and has a Buchla. This is the standout video of his collection since it really shows the power and capability of the modular synthesiser, not just sample and hold bleep sequences or noise drones. With a cigarette in hand and the seedy smokiness of the room, Lyonel manages to make a self generating experimental jam seem almost…sexy? (for want of a better word)

Derelicht 001 is available to buy here now.

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