YouTube Sessions: Keeno18

Ultramajic is the brainchild of Jimmy Edgar, artist Pilar Zeta and Machinedrum. The club-focused record label debuted in 2013, with its first release being Edgar’s ‘Hot Inside’, and has since provided gems from the likes of Danny Daze, Spatial, Alan Fitzpatrick and Catz ‘N Dogz. This year they’re opening proceedings with an electrifying six-track EP from talented newcomer Keeno18. The 23-year-old – real name Reggie Johnson – hails from Atlanta, Georgia and his club ready EP, Channel18, blends high-octane techno with soulful counter-play for one of the most promising debuts of 2016.

The young American football star was inspired to start DJing when he took over a rare vinyl collection from a well-known electro DJ in Detroit and, ahead of his release, we invited him to give us an insight into the collection and discuss some of his favourite cuts from the pack, along with a few other bangers. From galactic techno through to nostalgic r&b and ghetto house, read on as Keeno18 explains the importance of his selections… And his love of classic playstation games.

Jammin Gerald, Mad Cobra and DJ Deeon (who you should help to play at Bloc this year) all appear in this very special YouTube session.

1. DJ Deeon – ‘Zig Zag’

Found this as a white label with the number 234, I figured it was Dance Mania. This track is tight though, straight holistic space supplements. Makes you want to bounce your shoulders up and down and walk weird. When I listen to this one I picture little gummy bears raving inside of a shoe box with lights and shit.

2. Himadri – ‘Nyb’

This track is weight. Very hard work. It rides out clean in the beginning. Towards the middle it gets really busy sounding which I think is kind of dope. This track might be like an ancient relic or something, like something a sentient alien being from the future finds while doing a file recovery from a 1996 archive recovered from planet earth.

3. Towa Tei – ‘Happy’

This track makes me happy. I don’t know… Like many dro captains have been burnt to this track. The vibes on this are amazing. I call joints dro captains… I copped this record ‘cos Towa Tei has been one of my favourites since Deelite was together. So many good ones with so many dope collabs.

4. A. Forest – ‘Rock The Nation’ Remix

I really like this one. N64 feels on this. Reminds me of a very floaty dreamy-like solid state, very stern Saturn vibes. Ultra animated solid rubber, feel me? I love hyped vocals used as stabs. Feels like I’m in a rush to go somewhere, or something.

5. Shy Guys – ‘Get Angelic’

When I was little I was a huge Playstation 1 fan, so I can say that the music that came from the games definitely influenced me. Reminds me of some aggressive loading menu music. Dope. Very Tekken King Of The Iron fist tournament. I also like this one ‘cos I guess the previous owner sent this record to his friend and wrote on the record: “If you got this already, oh well. Otherwise, mayday”.

6. Mad Cobra – ‘Flex’

Yo this one right here! I listen to it at least a couple times every month. I found this on vinyl and was feeling it. But then I saw the video and it got better lol… Yooo you see how my boy did his hands the whole video. His hands sing the song for you lol. Dope Boy safari reggae vibes and that shot at 1:56 though.

7. Creepy Autograph – ‘Mind Image Made’

When I first heard this one I felt like I was a mechanized black op ninja in a tree waiting for my target ’til my auto sight kicks in and my target is destroyed. Mission accomplished, yung one. Return to village HQ and get this bread.

8. Jammin Gerald – ‘Black Women’

This shit so ghetto lol. This one proceeds hard as fuck. Sometimes I wonder who made the “ooh owgh ugh owww” vocal snips – I wish I knew. So hype with the ghetto piano stabs, though. Diamond.

Channel 18 is out February 26 on Ultramajic. Pre-order it here.