YouTube Sessions: JME

One of the biggest names in Grime, Jamie Adenuga requires little introduction. Previously part of the Meridian crew, JME began making music on mobile phones and went on to creatively utilise Mario Paint and the Game Boy Camera. Formed in 2004 by JME, his brother Skepta and godfather of the scene Wiley, Boy Better Know have gone on to become not just a label and a Grime crew, but also a clothing label and a mobile service provider amongst other things. Despite these business ventures, JME has been consistently prolific throughout, putting out two solo albums, countless singles and guesting on numerous other hits, with this year alone seeing him broaching the charts with both ‘German Whip’ and ‘That’s Not Me’. A true individual, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind-as evidenced by his involvement in a recent documentary about the Police’s bias against the Grime scene.

Stepping up to the plate for YouTube Sessions before his headline set at Fabric tomorrow night, JME gives us a selection that includes some genuine food for thought, fresh material from Dizzee Rascal and karma in action. Enjoy…

Police Gets Pulled By Trucker

You must know by now that I’ve been pulled over by police more times than I’ve worn a durag, so this video makes me happy inside.

Grindin’ My Whole Life

Hitboy is a genius, he’s been around a while now and this tune here is proof of his genius. Plus he has his flippin’ Dad on the tune. Boss move. <aking sick beats and your dad sprays a bar. Jheeze.

Runners Confronted By Bear In The Woods

Watching this video, lets me feel a fraction of how helpless the men must have felt. Capturing this fear on film is priceless. If I press play, I have to watch it through.

Food That Kills

Watched this video two years into my vegan cuisine lifestyle,I kept pausing it and googling/researching all he says and just shaking my head. Human beings don’t care about anything.

Thats Not Me REMIX

This is the remix of that future classic “Thats Not Me” and that variation of MC styles makes this a loop flex!

Squeeeeze His Neck!

The baddest man on earth, 50 cent don’t wanna buck this guy on the streets trust me. SKWIZZ HIZ NUEK!

Fekky x Dizzee

I heard this track a while back and had to keep my mouth shut for so long, but now its getting released I can bang it out the speakers full volume. 100% Vibes. I might go raving just to hear this tune.

She Gave Me HERPES

Mr Ownage. This guy is the best prankster on the planet with a vast array of voices. This prank gets me every time. ABDU! check out Buk Lau as well, another character. Legend!!

Walters and Shieff

Damien Walters and Timothy Shieff, two guys from Derby who just love movement, tumbling, parkour, callisthenics, gymnastics, breakdance etc etc they have a series on youtube, the Most legit Series on youtube in fact. addictive as hell, you will just sit and watch em all. Be aware.. time will pass!


Dont ask. Bye.

JME plays Fabric tomorrow night alongside Kode 9, Mumdance, Joker, Preditah, Mr.Mitch and more. Buy tickets here.