YouTube Sessions: Jehst

A true spearhead of the UK Hip-Hop scene, while many of his contemporaries have disappeared into obscurity in recent years, Jehst has stayed at the top his game. Launching his music career in 1999, founding the label YNR (Young N Restless) from his Uni halls bedroom, his debut release showcased a ferociously talented wordsmith, fuelled by the bleak reality of growing up in a smack-ridden post-industrial Huddersfield. His debut album ‘Return of the Drifter’ (released in 2002) remains to this day one of the finest examples of UK Hip-Hop and British lyricism.

Following on from a collaboration with Om Unit for Metalheadz late last year, his latest work is with Leeds based producer Bambooman. A producer we’ve been enjoying for a while now, his releases for the brilliant blog-cum-label Sonic Router have been gradually carving out a trademark sound – wrapping warm resonance and hefty drums in layers of found sound. On ‘Rusted’ Jehst has ample room to deploy his vivid verse around Boo’s spacious slow-burner, whilst on the instrumental ‘Thickets’, he weaves organic sounds together to hypnotic effect – another firm foot forward for Oli Marlow’s fledgling imprint. To commemorate the release Jehst has kindly delivered a YouTube Sessions – a selection reaches deep inside the minds of Alan Moore, Erykah Badu, Vaughn Bode and much more. . .

Vaughn Bode – in concert!

Recently unearthed footage of one of Graffiti’s biggest influences live ‘in concert’ narrating a slideshow of his iconic underground comics.

YO! MTV Raps Documentary

The influence of this show can’t be understated. And this documentary contains a wealth of ill 90’s rap trivia and laugh out loud stupidity.

Dr. Yen Lo (aka KA & Preservation) ‘Day 912’

Brooklyn Hip Hop artist Ka is currently one of my favourite lyricists. This track from his new collaboration project with producer Preservation comes complete with his trademark lo-fi/high-art visuals.

J-Zone plays ‘Rhythm Roulette’

“Chief Chinchilla. The Onion Ring Pimp. Swag-Master Bacon. All that shit…”
Bouncing back from a premature retirement, New Yorker J-Zone picks three records at random to make a beat from scratch.

B Magic vs Daylyt takes battle rap into The Matrix

LA rapper Daylyt is a controversial character known for bringing his own brand of ‘antics’ to the global battle-rap scene. Skip to 33:00 to see one of the most inventive rap battle performances ever!

Erykah Badu’s Red Bull Lecture

I could easily have picked another of the many dope Red Bull Music Academy lectures but at this point in the proceedings it was time for a feminine touch.

Telemachus ‘Mirleft’ (Official Video)

Shot on location in the Moroccan village of Mirleft!

Alan Moore Documentary

“It is important that a story ring true on a human level. Even if it never happened”
The mastermind behind Watchmen, V for Vendetta and more…

Jehst x Strange U ‘Dolph Lundgren’

Shameless self-promotion…

Saturday Night in Frankfurt’s direct-line to Jay-Z!?!

And finally, a pearl of wisdom. This rare footage contains the key to success in ‘the rap game’. Skip to 2:40 to see EDM’s answer to Spinal Tap in a conference call with Jigga…
“With this machine I can speak directly to Jay-Z – my boss – from the Headquarters of James Bond International”

Bambooman’s Rusted b/w Thickets feat. Jehst will be released on 7” vinyl and digital on 11th May 2015. Pre-order HERE. 

Photography: Ashes 57