YouTube Sessions: Homeboy Sandman

New York rapper Homeboy Sandman digs deep in his personal YouTube crates.

Homeboy Sandman is a rare case in hip-hop in that his real name is equally as dope as his stage moniker. Born Angel Del Villar II, the Queens native and former high school teacher has been steadily working his way up the rap ladder since devoting himself to it full-time in 2006. Having signed to West Coast indie hip-hop powerhouse Stones Throw in 2011 he found the perfect outlet for his sharp, honest lyricism and musical approach to production. An emcee with a work ethic to match his level of craftsmanship, Sandman followed up last year’s full-length ‘First Of A Living Breed’ with the recent ‘Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent’ LP. Possibly his most original work yet, the release finds Homeboy dropping knowledge over 8 tracks of unconventionally raw hip-hop, psych rock and funk-heavy beats from producer El RTNC.

Those heading to Soundwave Festival in Croatia from July 19-23 can catch Homeboy Sandman doing what he does best – head here for tickets and lineup information. In the mean time you can get to know him better with his YouTube Sessions selections, which include rocking out with Bill & Ted, comedian Louis CK, classic beats from Shawn J. Period, and respects paid to the UK’s own Mystro.

“Crossroads is legendary. My pop had it on tape and I watched it regularly as a kid and this scene is one of the reasons I became a musician.”

“0:40-1:25 is more musical movie magic. My musical goal is to be the real life Wyld Stallyons and make the world a beautiful place by way of fat tunes. STATION!”

“Discovered this joint watching my engineer Sosa play guitar hero or rock band. It’s phenomenal.”

“This is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. Even now after hearing it so many times it’s impossible for me to hear it without laughing. Louis CK is a champ.”

“This video was shot in California by my homegirl Liv while I was still in NYC. I shot the scenes of me on the TV while I was at Sosa’s lair in Queens. Liv has never introduced me to the video’s lead girl. I hope that changes at some point.”

“I love this jam so much but I hate the word nigger so much that I had to stop listening to it because Mr Fantastik says it every third word. So I was really happy to find this clean version on YouTube. By the way, I’ve listened to this on YouTube well over 50 times myself but the YouTube counter has been stuck at 236 since I first found it like 2 months ago.”

“This kid gets so busy it’s such a joke that he isn’t famous.”

“This was my favorite beat of all time when I was a kid. Still might be. Shawn J. Period was so amazing wit it.”

“Speaking of Shawn J. Period, has anybody ever made more beautiful beats than this dude? This is another joint he produced that I will never fall out of love with. True love never dies.”

“Mystro out of London is a simply truthful champ.”