YouTube Sessions: Hodge

A regular fixture on the site, its not secret that Jacob Martin aka. Hodge has been a favourite of ours for some time (see Hyp:079). Another in the endless line of producers making a noise over in Bristol, Martin flits between his work between his rhythmically fearsome work as Hodge and his Housier material as one half of Outboxx, alongside friend Matt Lambert. Under the former moniker Martin has released on the likes of Well Rounded, Deadplate, Immerse Records and most recently Punch Drunk, with the deadly ‘Resolve/Prototype’. A man with his finger in more than a few pies, Martin has also turned interviewer for us on several occasions, helming up the maelstrom of nonsense that is Hodge’s Corner. More to come from that feature very soon.

Catch Hodge playing alongside Kahn for commune at the Dance Tunnel tonight (21st November).

Romanian Legs Crushing

Gotta start with this, one of the funniest videos ever.

Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Nicolas Cage Edition)

Played out I know, but it’s the internet at its best.



Peverelist Old School Jungle Mix

This Old School Jungle mix by Pev is amazing.

Transformer Owl

This Owl is RUDE.

Ninja Cat

This cat is too.

The Peckham Terminator

Peckham terminator never gets old.

Mr.Beatnick – Waning Moon

Really love this video / tune, such a nice full sound to it.

Ant & Dec with Mr.Motivator

Ant and dec two step to the left.

Photography: James Clothier