YouTube Sessions: Helm

PAN is a label that can vary wildly from one release to the next in terms of sound, yet consistently manages to fulfil a certain level of quality that’s become expected of them. Whether it’s the Hardstyle and Grime mutations of last year’s ‘Scythians’ by M.E.S.H. or collaborative project Lifted’s recent offering of amorphous Jazz-tinged ambience, the open minded approach to electronic music is what has set the Berlin imprint apart in recent years.

London-based producer Luke Younger aka Helm, has been crafting his wonderfully weird blend of raucous experimentalism for almost a decade now and is due to release his second full length for PAN on June 15. The hour-long LP is a noisily rapturous affair and comes after Younger spent considerable time taking in Industrial, Dub Techno, and Balearic Disco – with elements of each appearing throughout the 10 otherworldly tracks. What comes as a response to what Younger describes as ‘physical and mental exhaustion, excess, and other kinds of personal chaos’, is a noticeably more spacious and mesmeric offering than last year’s aurally vicious EP ‘The Hollow Organ’. He continues to implement electroacoustics, field recordings, trance-inducing loops and heavily treated samples – maintaining equilibrium between the acoustic and digital realms.

With the penchant his music has for the kind of bare bones vitality possessed by early Punk and Noise outfits, it was no surprise Younger offered up an insight into seminal anarcho punks Crass, alongside a clairvoyant statement from the late Jim Morrison about what he thought the future held for the creation of music. Read on for some of Helm’s favourite videos from the web for this week’s YouTube sessions…

1. Incapacitants – ‘Live in Tajima’

Incapacitants live. In the fucking mountains.

2. Hijokaidan @ HMV

The last time I walked into a HMV in London and someone was doing an instore I think it was Starsailor. In Japan they have Hijokaidan.

3. Hoax @ Recycle Plant

Massachusetts hardcore band Hoax playing in a gig in a recycling plant to a very enthusiastic and excited crowd.

4. Edge of the Wedge 1986

Good Severed Heads interview where they demonstrate a video synthesiser and throw a watermelon out of a window with a mic in it.

5. Napalm Death – ‘The Scum Story 2006’

Mick Harris talks about the making of SCUM, his time in Napalm, doing doors and shows you how to do a proper blastbeat.

6. Autechre live at Sweatbox 2

Autechre live hardware set in Rochdale, early 90’s.

7. Whitehouse – ‘Shit Fun/You Don’t Have to Say Please’

Rock ‘n’ Roll !

8. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – ‘When Big Joan Sets Up’

Wild Beefheart & The Magic Band performance on Detroit television.

9. Sex Pistols Channel: Live in Huddersfield

Sex Pistols last UK gig on Xmas day in Huddersfield to a crowd of children. The BBC documentary of this is excellent too.

10. The Shadow Ring – ‘Stella Drive (Live 1997)’

A rare live transmission from one of music’s most confounding units.

11. Ghédalia Tazartès – ‘1982’

Ghedalia Tazartes looking and sounding incredible on French television.

12. MAGMA 15 Oct 1978 – Théâtre de l’Empire à Paris 

More French television footage, this time MAGMA!!

13. Blixa Bargeld is cooking risotto

Blixa Bargeld makes a calamari risotto with squid ink on German television. “This is a thrilling and exciting moment”.

14. Jim Morrison – The Future of Music

Jim Morrison loosely predicting noise music.

15. CRASS – There is no Authority But Yourself

Great documentary about Crass and Dial House.

‘Olympic Mess’ is out June 15 on PAN. Pre-order it here.