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YouTube Sessions: Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff has been making waves with her eclectic DJ sets for a number of years, catching a lot of people’s attention when she started her residency – Birds and Other Instruments – at the lauded Golden Pudel club in her native Hamburg. Blurring the lines between Chicago House, Techno, Noise, EBM and whatever else she feels like throwing in, her sets continually smash the preconceptions of those who have the pleasure of watching her perform. A willingness to push sonic boundaries and the flair to rein in when necessary have made her a highly sought after artist, as we witnessed during her dynamic slot at Bloc back in March. She’ll also be making an appearance in Barcelona this weekend at Sónar, which we covered in detail last year.

Her production work has steadily been gaining momentum too, with a handful of notable releases since her first EP – 2013’s ‘Actio Reactio’ for Actress’s Werkdiscs imprint. The rough and ready analog Acid and Techno mutations of her debut have only grown more refined with every record. However, it was surprising to hear how fully formed the recent cassette-only release – ‘A Tape’ – on boutique archivists Handmade Birds sounded, considering it was a collection of sketches and previously forgotten works, with half of them created before work on the Werkdiscs record even began.

Her most recent EP ‘Lex Tertia’ released in March, finds the producer at her boldest, with Hauff continuing to explore the clunky intricacies of an array of classic hardware, including the 303 and 808. It’s a brutally noisy collection of visceral Techno numbers and leaves us especially excited for her next long player, which has reportedly been recorded already.

With a beguiling range of quirky tracks making their way into her sets, we were sure we’d be treated to an absorbing list of the videos that make her tick for this week’s YouTube sessions. Press play below for a riotous performance from embalmed Californian Garage rockers The Mummies, an apocalyptic video from German Industrial titans Einstürzende Neubauten and a few choice words on major labels from avant-garde artist and former Throbbing Gristle member Genesis P-Orridge.

01. The Mummies – The Fly

Fussed out manic Garage from a bunch of blokes wrapped in bog roll.

02. Gories (playlisting function disabled, view here)

The Gories proving once again that sometimes the simplest tunes sound fucking great!

03. The Cunts – I Got a Girl

Ditto. But with a more obscene name. Did they ever get radio play?

04. Guy Tavares

Guy telling it the way it is.

05. Die Tödliche Doris – Naturkatastrophenkonzert

Performance art group/ band from Germany. Here they are burning the microphone that they recorded the audio for this video with, which I think is a brilliant idea.

06. Crash! (1971) by J. G. Ballard

Cool film essay with Nick Drake’s sister in it, by an amazing writer. The Normal’s ‘Warm Leatherette’ was inspired by that.

07. Einstürzende Neubauten – Collapsing New Buildings – Live 1984

Can you believe how fucking good English TV used to be? Wait for the drill!!!

08. The Monochrome Set – Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (M80 Concert Live 1979)

Great live footage of one of the quirkier Post-Punk bands at their peak.

09. Trisomie 21 The Last Song

Amazing song and fantastic footage of great looking people dancing – love the hair styles.

10. Genesis P-Orridge – DIG! About people working in major labels

Out of the Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary ‘DIG!’ You’ve gotta love it.

‘Lex Tertia’ is out now on Werkdiscs. Buy it here.

Featured image: Katja Ruge