YouTube Sessions: Happa

We last caught up with Happa in October last year. Since then, the young Leeds-based producer has continued to balance his studies with his music career, his noisy brand of industrial Techno winning more and more people over. Having also started his own PT/5 label, his most recent release was the ‘PT 1’ EP – the first part of a planned trilogy. Slightly more refined than his previous work, it shows that Happa is keen to progress but without losing the energy that marked those early releases. Crazy to think that Happa’s been around for 3 years and he’s not long turned 18!

No stranger to huge shows, Happa plays at Manchester’s Warehouse Project next Friday 18 Dec, along with Jungle, John Talabot, Leon Vynehall, Koreless, Lone and many others. Ahead of his appearance there, and with ‘PT 2’ apparently on the way, we’ve asked Happa to trawl through his cookies and share some of his favourite YouTube clips. Here’s what he came up with:

1) Oneohtrix Point Never – Sticky Drama – Prologue

This is the most recent video I have fallen in love with, also including the actual music video for ‘Sticky Drama’ too. OPN is God. 4 reals m8. I haven’t actually managed to listen to ‘Garden of Delete’ yet, I’m waiting until I’m in the perfect mood to take it all in, but I am very excited.

2) SoFloAntonio – h3h3 reaction video

This guy is very funny and all of my mates like him too and sometimes we watch him on the telly together at my mates house and it’s dead good and you can bring snacks if you would like to.

3) Hodge – I Don’t Recognise You Lately

Max Kelan Pearce is great, and this tune is a banger: Winner.

4) Skechers Relaxed Fit Commercial with Ringo Starr

Ha ha, awh Ringo.

5) Dark Night of the Steve

“Who am I kidding? All the flavours of ice cream in the world wouldn’t take the place of friends.” *crying face* 



7) American Beauty Ending

I watch this when I feel sad, because it makes me feel more sad.

8) Real Lies – Blackmarket Blues

Wicked tune and video, good for l8 nights. 

9) The Rhythm Method – Local, Girl

I saw these two support Real Lies in Leeds and it was brilliant. As were Real Lies. “My old man don’t hate the gays, but it’s Adam and Eve not Chaz and Dave.” It makes me want to go to my nearest ‘spoons with Cam and Theo and drink watery Black Sheep.

Happa plays at WHP Curated By Jungle on 18 Dec. Tickets available here.