YouTube Sessions: Gunnar Haslam

Its not often that particle physics and electronic music are spoken of in the same breath, although its also not often that a producer like Gunnar Haslam comes along. Born in New York but raised in a Connecticut suburb, Haslam’s first significant foray into scientific endeavors begun as an undergraduate at NYU, when he was involved in the ATLAS experiment which was working in tandem with the much publicised Large Hadron Collider based at CERN in Switzerland. The precision inherent in a project of such earth defining magnitude is a feature of his production, with releases for L.I.E.S and Mister Saturday Night over the last two years displaying a steely monochrome seriousness. Literary references have also reared their head, with the surname of his alias – Haslam, borrowed from the name of the protagonist in Jorge Luis Borges’ short story ‘Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius’, whilst EP names have been lifted from a range of highbrow texts.

Enlisting his services for the latest edition of YouTube Sessions, it came as little surprise that Haslam’s selection veered heavily towards the scientific and educational. Read on for eye opening perspectives, John Cage’s theory on silence and mind bending Boiler Room obscurity…

Richard Feynman – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

A glimpse into the world of Richard Feynman, a man who has – more than anyone else, shaped how I view the world.

Feynman – FUN TO IMAGINE 8: Seeing Things

One of the keys to Feynman’s greatness was his ability to explain deep physical concepts in a way anyone could understand. He never tried to gloss over or sugar coat the way things were — he presented them in all their complexity and was clear about the things even he could not fully grasp.

John Cage about silence

John Cage. No need to explain this further.

Lec 1 | MIT RES.6-008 Digital Signal Processing, 1975

An introductory course on Digital Signal Processing from Alan Oppenheim at MIT. Recommended for the mathematically curious electronic musician. Note that MIT, as well as many other universities, have plenty of free course lectures online. Maybe check those out instead of Netflix.

Morton Subotnick on technology and a new music

Subotnick is truly one of the greats. In an age where so many are drawn to old analog synthesizers, Subotnick is clear about their limitations and the way new technologies and digital processing can be liberating. The Buchla 200e is a analog/digital hybrid, and Subotnick’s use of it with Ableton allows him to extend that instrument much further than would be possible otherwise.

Part 1: Laurie Spiegel at Bell Labs interview 1984

Laurie Spiegel at Bell Labs (with a brief cameo from Max Matthews).

Autechre live at Sweatbox 2, Bojangles 1991

Rave ℅ Autechre.

Malang Jobareth

I played with Malang a couple months ago. Here he is bringing some brightness to Penn Station, of all places.

BUTOH: Body on the edge of crisis PART 1

A documentary about Butoh, which I must profess I know very little about. Suppose that’s what documentaries are for.

Jahiiya Fields Boiler Room NYC live show

My man Morandi tearing it up to an indifferent crowd.