YouTube Sessions: Graze

Originally from Toronto, Adam Marshall and Christian Andersen met when they were both expats living in Berlin. Before meeting Adam has been managing his succesful imprint New Kanada, releasing music from himself as well as the likes of The Mole, West Norwood Cassette Library and Basic Soul Unit. Christian meanwhile had been making Dubstep as XI – although with modest success. Joining forces two years ago, they produced a self-titled EP for New Kanada that brought the imagination of Bass music together with House textures and Techno rhythms and impressive sound design to create an engaging mesh of styles. Christian has since returned to Toronto, whilst Adam remains in Berlin, although the several thousand miles between the two haven’t impeded their work rate one jot, with five EP’s and two albums arriving in just two years.

‘Soft Gamma Repeater’ – released this month, finds Christian and Adam sounding more at home with their sound than ever before. A precision built collection that takes in multiple stylistic shifts and left turns, the record is comfortably their best to date, and serves as emphatic evidence that their powerful creative spark isn’t going to burn out any time soon. After showcasing their impressive live set in a blistering podcast for Resident Advisor this week, we managed to grab Adam and Christian for this week’s YouTube Sessions. Choosing five clips each, the pair deliver an audiovisual feast – including a deeply unsettling mash up of Natalie Imbruglia and Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’…


Ryoji Ikeda – ‘datamatics [prototype-ver.2.0]’

Infomatic onslaught from the data master himself. Razor sharp sound design and chillingly prescise visual processing.

Arca & Jesse Kanda – ‘TRAUMA Scene 1’

The creepy, haunting music of Arca – with the buzzed out visual bleakness of Jesse Kanda. Where pop should go when it finally eats itself.

The Legend of Omar – ‘Grandmaster Lover’

Really, the best. A showstopper of basement passion vibes.

Brian Eno – ‘Mistaken Memories of Mediaeval Manhattan – Video Painting’

The skyline of New York City, recorded and re-recorded on a decaying VHS tape from a camera pointed out the window. The silent soundtrack to a lost city. The whole film is haunting.


Badmocap – ‘Late for meeting’

Motion capture unleashed. Gleeful and sickening one man glitch parade.

Mike Pelletier – ‘Parametric Expression’

The penultimate creepy facial animation trial set to the haunted music of Colleen.

Natalie Imbruglia – ‘Torn Karaoke w/ Xenomorph Attacks’

First of all you will definitely start singing but watch it to the very end for a worthy payoff.

Ronald Jenkees – Jam from Outer Space

What’s not to love about this guy, except for the fact that he never returned my emails about collabing… 🙁

Bert and Ernie go Brutal

Last Days of Humanity perform a rare concert as Bert and Ernie. 100% certified real.

Nobody Here

Join me for an endless trip down rainbow road.

‘Soft Gamma Repeater’ is out now on New Kanada. Buy it here.