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YouTube Sessions: The Gaslamp Killer

Eccentric curator of disparate genres and a leading figure in the beat scene that emerged around the fabled Low End Theory night in Los Angeles – William Bensussen aka The Gaslamp Killer may be unpredictable in the style of his output, but retains a consistently predictable quality that’s expected from a seasoned musical connoisseur. Owner of over 13,000 records, his obsessive approach to collecting music from across the globe and tireless efforts as DJ and promoter have helped inform his sonic palette and establish him as a producer that evades all traditional expectations.

Having released the heady electronica of ‘Breakthrough’ on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder in 2012, the following year saw Bensussen form The Gaslamp Killer Experience – a project born in the months after a near-fatal scooter accident. Against advice from doctors he revealed the collaborative live project at LA’s historic Mayan Theatre, with a critically lauded performance that incorporated elegant strings and frantic percussion from some of LA’s most respected session musicians. The project comes to KOKO (see a video about it here) next month on June 25th, alongside London-based collective and Stones Throw favourites The Heliocentrics – an outfit that fluently traverse Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, and Psychedelica.

Known to regularly drop The Beatles alongside Dr. Dre and World music in his DJ sets, we knew GLK would treat us to an encyclopedic YouTube session this week. Listen to his 10 track playlist for a journey through the esoteric sounds that shaped him as a versatile artist, from childhood to the present day.

1. MRR – ‘ADM ft. Malcolm Catto​’
​My original crew from San Diego – the infamous MRR. There is still nothing like this album, but I must say my favourite song is the one featuring Malcolm Catto and Mike Burnham of the Heliocentrics. He is one of the greatest drummers alive! Strictly available on red 10″ vinyl.

2. The Budos Band – ‘Origin Of Man​’ 
​These guys gave me the courage to add a brass section to my sound. They are the ultimate live experience too.

3. Broadcast – ‘Chord Simple’ ​
One of my favourite bands of all time. Trish & James are genius. They still can not be bitten or compared to – truly inventive cats.

4. Malcom Catto – ‘Vibes’ 
Once again, the father of our style! Malcolm fucking Catto! This joint gets me every time. So funky!

5. Mulatu Astatke – ‘Fikratchin with Menelik Wossenatchew’  

Wow, just wow.​ Ethiopian music at its finest! I am forever in Mr. Astatke’s debt.

6. The Laughing Windows – ‘Beta Test’ 
​Most underrated UK band of all time. Still waiting for the next album guys! Lets have it!​

7. Sroeng Santi – ‘Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng’
​Classic Thai Hard Rock from heaven.

8. Connan Mockasin – ‘Forever Dolphin Love’
​These Kiwis make me so happy. I am still trying to record something like this & haven’t even come close yet…. ​

9. Dungen – ‘Fredag’
​The ultimate Swedish psych band of the modern era. I would give my left arm to work with these fuckers! This song is everything.

10. Erkin Koray – ‘Elektronik Türküler LP’
And last but not least this record in full… it changed my life drastically.

The Gaslamp Killer brings his Gaslamp Killer Experience with The Heliocentrics to KOKO, London on 25 June. You can buy tickets here.