Flava D

YouTube Sessions: Flava D

Since catching the ears of Wiley in 2009, Danielle Gooding aka Flava D has gone on to become a stalwart of the Butterz contingency. She’s become a respected Grime producer in her own right, drawing on UK Garage and House influences resulting in releases on the aforementioned and Formula Records. The producer has also collaborated with vocalists such as Wiley, Ghetts and Kid Bookie, establishing herself as a Grime artist held in high regard.

Although her debut solo release only came to fruition in 2013, Flava had already become a prominent figure amongst a sea of Grime DJs. An association with Wiley’s Eskibeat imprint and participation in 2010’s Red Bull Music Academy established firm roots for the producer to expand upon. With two releases on Butterz in 2013, and a collaboration for the said imprint with Royal T this year, expand upon those roots is exactly what the producer did. Her latest offering, the ‘In The Dance EP’ on Formula, sees Flava adopting a more aggressive approach around the 130BPM area.

Now is a good a time as any to delve a little deeper in to the producers obscure internet interests. The selection below includes the expected UKG and Grime classics, featuring War Dubs, the infamous What Do U Call It documentary and DJ EZ’s captivating Boiler Room set, alongside less traditional videos. Look out for the ‘Man Falls Down Escalator’ video. Hilarious.

DJ EZ boiler room

This evening was the first Boiler room I was involved in, also it was the night I first met all the guys at Butterz, and also the first time I saw EZ perform live. So it is a very memorable night for me, I remember coming home after watching EZ’s set, feeling so inspired

Cat Saves Baby

Anyone who knows me, knows I love cats. I don’t want to hear anyone put down cats again after watching this clip, people underestimate their intelligence and their strength

Kiss FM LOTM Producer War Dubs

This is a show I was proud to be apart of, after causing havok with my war dubs, it felt good to outshine anyone who doubted I’d lost touch with my grimey side

Man Falls Down Escalator

This is something that will never fail to make me laugh on a bad day.. Tried this myself once, thankfully it didnt finish so horrendously like it did with this guy

What Do U Call It – Grime Doc

I remember watching this on TV when I was a teen, and it really inspiring me to wanna make Grime!

Lonnie Liston Smith & Swindle Boiler Room LIVE Show

I love everything about this Boiler room set. The way these guys collaborate in sync with eachother so well. Great piece of music

Four Tet – 10 min Beat This

Someone showed me this clip a little while back. Mad props to Four Tet, he definitely went in with the way he flipped that sample and made it his own, in only 10 minutes!

MJ Cole – Believe

One of the first UKG tunes I ever heard, and I instantly fell in love with it! MJ cole is a massive inspiration in my music

DJ Xrated Turntablist 6 Minute Routine

One of the sickest DJ’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I remember when I used to work in the back of his record shop watching him practice for this routine, seeing the live footage is inspirational, he really thinks outside of the box exploring different techniques with what you can do with a turntable

MK – Remixes Using Maschine and Kontact

Sick little video of MK doing his thing and showing us how he produces using Maschine. Definetely provoking me to go and buy myself one of these soon!

Flava D’s ‘In The Dance EP’ is out now. Get your copy here