YouTube Sessions: fLako

Chilean born, German raised, London resident Dario Rojo Guerra has always made music that pays little notice to convention. Early productions for Brownswood and Project: Mooncircle could have been loosely grouped into the vague bracket of ‘beats’, but recent years have seen him burrow deeper into his richly unique sound. Fleshing out the kinks and foibles of his sonic personality with 2012’s ‘Eclosure’ on Five Easy Pieces, Guerra has also released an EP under his melancohlic vocal led Dirg Gerner alias for Eglo. It was on that label which he enjoyed one of his finest moments, when last year he supplied two jaunty highlights for Fatima’s excellent ‘Yellow Memories’ LP.

Now Guerra is ready for to try his hand at his own long player in the form of ‘Natureboy‘ – out next Monday. Returned to Five Easy Pieces, he’s removed himself wholly from his previous sample based method in favour of live instrumentation and a compositional approach to songwriting. However that’s not to say that his music has lost any of its luster – the material on offer gleams with a pastoral wonder that’s befitting of the record’s title and earthy scope. George Duke and Vangelis have been cited as influences on this luxuriant, tranquil body of work – one which Guerra describes as unfolding like, “valleys and mountains”.

Set to launch his album at Dalston’s Birthdays 1st April, Guerra hopped on YouTube Sessions duty this week. The natural aesthetic of his album is well represented in his selection of  Hermeto Pascoal’s beguiling lake powered melodics, whilst there are more unexpected picks in the shape of eerily quiet Snoop Dogg videos and skating legend Rodney Mullen’s finest moments…

あの日のコーヒーショップで 井上堯之バンド

Alchemist killed it with the flip of this tune. Every time I listen to it, I hear Action Bronson sing along to the melody though.

The best of Rodney Mullen

Rodney Fuxxing Mullen!!

Billy Cobham & George Duke – Montreux JF 1976

George Duke is awesome and this performance of his song ‘Someday’ at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976 is jokes.

Fantastic Planet (1973) trailer

First I found out about the incredible Soundtrack of this film by Alain Goraguerto through Madlib’s first Quasimoto Album. Then I saw the film and was intrigued by the surreal creatures, music and sound design and of course the amazing landscapes. Also interesting to find out that the film seems to have an allegorical statement on the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia.

Musicless Musicvideo / SNOOP DOGG – Drop It Like It’s Hot ft. Pharrell Williams

This had me on the floor the first time I watched it.

Return to Forever ( Chick Corea)

Chick Corea is proper zoned out here when playing the beautiful transition into “After The Cosmic Rain” and his facial expression is priceless. This live version is better then the studio version. My favourite band setup with Lenny White, Stanley Clark and Bill Connors too.

Wild and hilarious Action Bronson interview on ESPN

You can’t deny this dude is a character!

Celia Cruz – ‘Quimbara’

Love her vibes! Queen Celia is pure positivity. Rest in Peace. Azucaaaaaa

Lucky People Compilation

You got to have some luck too!

Hermeto Pascoal – Música da Lagoa

Saudação Mestre Hermeto!

‘Natureboy’ is out on Five Easy Pieces next Monday 23rd March, pre-order it here. The album launch party will take place 1st April at Birthdays, Dalston – tickets here