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YouTube Sessions: Finn

Manchester-based producer Finn rose to prominence in 2014, springboarding from the fuss caused by his breakthrough RnG anthem ‘Keep Calling’. A bonafide classic at London clubnight Boxed, it was Tom Lea’s Local Action label that eventually did us all a massive favour and made it available to the world. Manifested as the ‘Keep Calling’ EP, the producer found that sweet spot between UK Grime and US Hip-Hop, with the lead single exemplifying the marriage – a choppy collage of RnB vocal samples deployed over a slew of break neck Grime stabs and drums. The label subsequently released a remix EP back in February, featuring choice interpretations by DJ Q, Samename, Strictface and Fallow. Finn informs us that another Local Action record will follow this Summer.

After seeing him mention our YouTube Sessions feature on Twitter, saying that he’d be equipped to take the challenge, we asked him to do exactly that. He wasn’t wrong – from 1989 inspiration for Pulse X, Lord of the Rings re-loads, lysergic bears and beyond. Oh, and he reveals himself as the creator of Harry Potter Finds Peverelist, remember that?

Bear Eats Psychedelic Mushrooms

This got taken down off youtube a while back, so I had to re-upload it myself. Back to being the best video on there. It’s from a French Film called ‘The Bear’ from 1988 apparently – not sure if it needs any context though.

Timmy T Time After Time 3’56min

Pulse X in 1989. I love stuff like this – another ‘Icy lake’ moment. This video is so awkward though, how come all the Freestyle guys look like they could be an MP? Why does he sit like that?

‘Sheffield – A Trip To Hathersage’

An old guy narrating his trip on the 272 from Sheffield to Hathersage, the village I grew up in. Very relaxing, what a voice as well. Love the sudden ‘artificial voice’ switch up in the church too.

‘Reporter VS Dog’

Probably the only clip I still find as funny as I did at 13. The silence at the end is so poignant.

Amazing boy bob 2

This is the anthem. I went same school as ‘Bob’ – not at the same time, but this got sung at every house party for about a year still. I even did a ‘Sleng Teng Riddim’ version I think? Christ. Dunno what the beard’s about.

‘Purchasing things in the virtual world’

“Scoot back!”, personal space in the virtual world. This whole channel is inspired actually – never been that into trolling, but Daniel’s act is too much.

‘Knuckles’ Chaotix – Title Card Intro’

I’m pretty sure this was an early Night Slugs release.

Greenport Peter Pan Fiasco

Says it all, what a bloody fiasco. The bit where that girl gets flung across the room, oh my god.

Gandalf merks helms deep

Gave my favourite scene from Lord Of The Rings a reload. No idea why I made this really. I did a bait dubstep one called ‘Harry Potter Finds Peverelist’ which sort of went viral. This one’s better though.


Again, what the fuck was I doing. That’s way too many olives for a subway sandwich still.

Connect with Finn on Soundcloud and Twitter.