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Anyone of a certain age with a penchant for jungle and drum and bass will have felt this guys music on a dancefloor at some point over the years. Steve Carr had sound system culture running through his blood from a young age, with his father running the towns Sir Tropic rig in his native Ipswich for many years.

A natural curiosity for cables, speakers and frequencies quickly led to djing and producing music. Early releases such as ‘Down Under’ on Metalheadz, and haunting ‘Crash’ on Renegade Hardware, showed that this Ipswich-born and bred reggae fanatic was on his way to becoming an influential figure in d&b.

Now famed for monstrous tracks such as ‘Space Funk’, ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Deadline’ on labels such as Metalheadz, Timeless, Critical and EXIT, Digital has a near 20 year discography under his belt. 2013 sees him start a new label – Mor’Manik – with his first release ‘Manik Mash’ EP dropping this week on vinyl and digital formats.

To commemorate the release we invited Digital to give us a run down of his essential 170bpm moments (in no particular order) with some very insightful commentary to boot.


DJ Doc Scott (Nasty Habits) – Here Come The Drumz

“Here ‘Come the Drumz’ is probably my favourite track from this E.P. but I love them all and the remix E.P. is equally as awesome. By the time these EPs were released I’d been djing electronic music and raving for around 2 years. I had some amazing times, especially when raving, but when I heard ‘Here Come the Drumz’ with it’s filthy dubbed out bass and brain twisting effects it threw me into the studio for the first time.”

Wots My Code – Dubplate (Original Mix)

“You know you’re on to a winner when almost all the scene is playing your track and that was definitely the case with Dubplate. A reggae and hardcore marriage made in heaven that I think led to the production of some great jungle/drum and bass.”

Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu

“I think we’d all like a few production tips from Photek and ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ is one of the reasons why! I could have sat here all day looking through the mountain of amazing tracks Photek has done, from the hardcore days to the drum n bass heyday and right through to this present day but I know for sure that ‘Ni Ten Ichi Ryu’ is one of the best he has done and one of the best DnB tracks ever!”

Digital – Deadline

“Hello, can I put my own track in? Well I just have, so there! I made this track on a Friday before a gig because I wanted something that other DJ’s wouldn’t have on the night (we all do this, hey). I wanted something simple and effective and I didn’t have long to make it, hence the name. I will never forget the first time I played it at a venue in St Neots because everyone went absolutely mental which led to a massive fight. Blood was everywhere and a few minutes later the police turned up to lock everything off! Anyway I’ve put ‘Deadline’ in the list because it was original at the time and very effective.”

Trinity (Dillinja) – Gangsta

“Of course there’s a Dillinja track in here. Dillinja packs an almighty punch in a track because of his huge sub bass and banging drums but this track is a little bit different with it’s jungley skippy breaks, vocals and reggae bassline. Big on vibe so there’s no lean against the wall head nodding business to Gangsta it’s full on party time when this is playing. Ok it’s not the tidiest work Dillinja has produced but when you’re raving who gives a toss about that.”

Shy FX – Bambaataa

“Once upon a time there was a man called DnB and a beautiful woman called Jungle. To cut a long story short they had a little baby called ‘Bambaata’ and they lived happily ever after.”

Omni Trio – Feel Good (Original In Demand Mix)

“At first ‘Feel Good’ might come across as a dark and moody track because of the ghoulish intro and the hypnotic bass line but when it drops there is plenty of soul and energy. I think a lot of the great Moving Shadow tracks had a dark undertone to them but there was always something about their quality which made them work on the dance floor. Big up the Shadow!”

Q Project – Champion Sound (Original Mix)

“Back in the day when I was raving I’d happily pay my entry fee to get in, wherever in the country the club was. I had to hear ‘Champion Sound’ to feel as though I’d got my moneys worth so I’d follow certain DJs like Fabio, Grooverider, Doc Scott and Simon Bassline Smith but if they didn’t play it on the night I’D BE PROPER VEX!”

Goldie/Rob Playford/Mark Rutherford – Terminator EP

“This is a 4 track E.P. with 3 tracks that I absolutely love which are ‘Sinister’, ‘Terminator’ and ‘Kemistry’. I have 2 copies of this record in my collection, 1 copy is badly worn out due to heavy play from me and my careless friends (you know who you are!) You can play frisby with the worn out copy if you like but if you touch my near mint copy I will have to kill you.”

LTJ Bukem – Music

“My final entry is for, ‘The most awesomely smooth/massive dnb track.’ The final 4 were Alex Reece ‘Pulp Fiction’, LTJ Bukem ‘Atlantis’, LTJ Bukem ‘Music’ and Deep Blue ‘The Helicopter’ and the winner iiiiisssssssssssss LTJ Bukem ‘Music’”