YouTube Sessions – Dark0

Dark0’s output is to be found everywhere this year. The North West Londoner with a sense of humour has been riding on the crest of a resurgent wave of instrumental Grime. Marked as one to watch following his Ain’t A Sweet Boy & Sin EP’s on Visionist’s Lost Codes label already this year.

His latest endeavour, the ‘Fate EP’ released last week on Hyponik favourite – Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records week pays homage to his favourite Asian RPG soundtracks with contagious melodies and a low-end sculpted for maximum impact whether your receiving it full force in a sub-loaded basement club or holed up in your bedroom, late at night with your headphones on.

This week, we’ve recruited the young producer to bring you a selection of his favourite videos on the Tube. Scroll on for some nerdy Mortal Kombat commentary, a gurning Shrek, and some guidance for the mandem from Mo the comedian…

Shrek dance

I must have replayed this about 50 times when I first watched it. I have no idea what’s going on loool. That final gurn oh my god.

Am I your son WTF lol

there was so much hope and promise in this hooligan story. He’s right though there are people out there that you could know that’s real.

My Cover of the Universal Song

You laugh you lose.

Riff Raff Vine Compilation

Here’s a video of one of my favourite Viners, Riff Raff, and a compilation of all his best vines.

Mo the Comedian

Mo is a joker. For all the mandem that need some guidance in securing a chick, take note.

O.G’z on rinse 2008

Skip to 6:28 – Jendor, P Money, Frisco and Killa P have ‘27 Big achiever flow’ rally. Legendary. Rare.

Mortal Kombat 9 – Grand finals (Evo 2014)

One of my favourite fighting games. This tournament is hard; the juggles are insane. Even the nerdy commentary adds to it all and how gassed they get.

Fresh Prince Dad Scene

The most emotional video on youtube.

Pussy on the Chainwax

Key and Peele are too funny. Check out all their youtube skits. I’m gonna start using ‘pussy on the chainwax’ from now on in real life scenarios f*** it.

Les Twins vs Lil’O & Tyger B

Big fan of Les Twins. This battle in particular is a personal favourite. Everyone at their best and most animated.

Dark0’s ‘Fate EP’ is out now on on Gobstopper Records. Order it here.