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YouTube Sessions: Cosmin TRG

Cosmin Nicolae, alias Cosmin TRG and formerly TRG, is a producer you might call a sonic nomad. Over the course of his impressive discography he’s spent time releasing music on labels such as Tempa, Rush Hour, Running Back, 50Weapons and Bleep, turning his hand from Dubstep and Garage to Techno, and all those vibrant cubbyholes in between. Ever since we arranged for Cosmin and Objekt  to interview each other last year, we’ve been meaning to ask if he’d be up for taking part in our YouTube Session feature. Luckily he said yes, so now’s the time for the results to published.

In the run up to his appearance at fabric this Saturday – alongside Levon Vincent, Surgeon, John Heckle and more – the Romanian maestro curates this week’s session which consists of Roy Andersson, Ryoji Ikeda and our boy Shane singing the 5 octave blues.


In the early 60s, Philips had a project called Philips Research Laboratories, exploring electronic music. Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan were drafted to work on this project, and this is one of the earliest iterations of electronic music, fusing jazz and electronics. In 1959.

Straight to something more contemporary, Ryoji Ikeda’s experimental work is always a visceral sensorial experience.

“It sounds like there’s more than one of me in the room, but there’s not.”

Shane Sings 5 Octaves On Piano

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I’m sorry.

This is a very insightful glimpse into the curious life of GG Allin and his band, from a time when psychos and freaks were the real deal, turning America upside down and exposing the ugly wounds of a society on the brink through radical performance.

Tablecloth Scene – Du Levande

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Roy Andersson is one of my favourite directors, and this scene from Du Levande (You, The Living) is a surreally funny cut filled with dry, Nordic humour and metaphors that work on several levels.


The track that got me into Techno and the reason I’m still here.

I’m an 80s kid so space disco is a part of me.

I’ll just leave you with this.