YouTube Sessions: Commodo

Sheffield bass producer Commodo is one of the UK underground’s best-regarded artists. Having released a string of great 12″s with Mala’s Deep Medi Musik over the past few years – as well as a collaborative LP with Gantz and Kahn – he’s now gearing up to release his debut solo album How What Time on Bristol imprint Black Acre.

A thoughtful, meditative take on contemporary grime/dubstep, How What Time draws just as much from sample-heavy hip-hop as it does from Commodo’s usual 140bpm stomping grounds. Extra energy comes courtesy of guest MCs Trim and Rocks FOE, who both bring their A-game on two of the record’s strongest tracks.

Of course, we had to get Commodo to do a YouTube Sessions for us, and needless to say his selections didn’t disappoint. From Kurosawa cinematography and virtuoso drumming to Ethiopian blues and the future of artificial intelligence, you can dig in below:

DJ Sharky – Yea Lad

Fukhkhen ell lad.

Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Love Theme

This guy.

Chris Dave – Medley (Pt. 2)

Got flagged for copyright on YouTube so had to find another source. Chris Daddy Dave on the drums with his amazing tones and disregard for what you think time is.

Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement

My favourite video from an amazing channel about film-making, called ‘Every Frame a Painting’.

Sam Harris and Joe Rogan discuss artificial intelligence

If you’ve got the patience for the fairly slow pace, this is a pretty terrifying look at the real life implications of future artificial intelligence breakthroughs.

Goodfellas dinner In prison scene

Something about the idea of garlic being sliced so thin that it liquefies in a sauce made this my favourite scene from Goodfellas.

Morrissey Book Page One – Sung

Peter Serafinowicz singing page one of Morrissey’s book in the style of a Smiths song. Captured the smugness well.

How to Eat a Frozen Banana (Inherent Vice)

The facial expressions..

Mahmoud Ahmed – Tezeta (Ethiopiques Volume 19)

I really like the kinda spooky melancholy in the Ethiopian Tezeta scale, I can listen to people improvise on it for hours.

How What Time is out April 8 and can be pre-ordered over at Black Acre’s website.