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YouTube Sessions: Clap! Clap!

Where some albums are merely collections of tracks, others have a loose concept binding them together. ‘Tayi Bebba’ by Italian artist Cristiano Crisci under his Clap! Clap! has gone in the direction of the latter with some gusto – to create a fully realised imagined universe based around a fictitious island. Complete with a map and a story behind each track, the LP takes listeners on an actual journey soundtracked by Afro-Juke-Hip Hop-House hybrids that sound quite unlike anything we’ve heard all year.

Still transfixed by this unique album a few weeks after the release, we had to get Crisci on board for YouTube Sessions to find out about the influences that made it possible. He duly obliged and the results have yielded a treasure trove of obscure flute players and dancers, Ghanaian Deep House and Rap classics – scroll down to check it out for yourself…

Thomas Roebers and Floris Leeuwenberg – FOLI (There Is No Movement Without Rhythm)

There is no movement without rhythm. This documentary is a teaching of life for me. It represents to me the confirmation that rhythms and music is the best way to be in harmony with the natural equilibrium of the planet we live on.

Lyimbi playing the leta

Lyimbi from the Baka peoples plays the leta. They transmit to me a huge sense of peace and harmony. The way everybody sings and dances together in this moment of their everyday life is so sweet. Every time I watch this video I want to run there!

The Batwa Dance

As in the previous clip, here’s another example of huge feeling and harmony to the mother earth. A small group from the Batwa tribe play rhythms and dance all day long together. That kid is soooo sweet. I can’t stop watching him dance!!

African kalimba, mbira music, song, child sings

Lullaby time!

I listen to this lullaby almost every night before I go to sleep. The melody and voice of this kid is so cute. I just love it.

Ogee Nti ike 1

I discovered this video long time ago when I sampled a flute from Ogee Nit iki on a record. I was looking for some other sounds from this style and I just started to search on YouTube for anything. When I found this video I was amazed by its lo-fi FX! awesome!

Ata Kak – Daa Nyinaa

I love this Ata Kak track and I think this unofficial clip is so great! Really like the dance line selected! I’m a dance line lover and i always check the caprice87 YouTube channel, there’s a piece of history there!

Aphex Twin – On

Once of the first Aphex Twin videos I ever saw! I’ll never forget the first time I saw this! I was mesmerised by that mood. This clip changed my life and introduced me into the huge electronic music world.

Busta Rhymes – Woo Ha!! (Got You All In Check)

When I was 14 I saw this clip and I realized that my life would have been based on the music. Thank you Busta Rhymes. You saved my life.

Smif-N-Wessun – Sound Bwoy Bureill

This Smif n Wessun tune is an hymn for me. It was the first vinyl I ever bought, and I spent years doing freestyles with my crew brothers on its instrumental version.

The Busy Twist – Labadi Warrior

The Busy Twist is my favorite project at the moment. These guys will rock the world more then they are already doing! This video clip recorded by her self in Ghana with the Labadi Warriors is AWESOME!

‘Tayi Bebba’ is out now on Black Acre. Buy it here. Clap! Clap! plays at Oslo in London on November 21st, buy tickets here.