YouTube Sessions: Christopher Rau

Berlin-based Christopher Rau started his DJ career in 1999, and quickly established himself as a main player in the German club scene. Later making a foray into production with a hardware-heavy approach to, he unleashed his first record, ‘Gribuntal’, whilst living in Hamburg in 2008. In the years following, he’d go on to release LPs on Hamburg’s Smallville Records, as well as a whole host of 12″s on the likes of Hypercolour, Thema and Tokyo’s Mule Musiq.

Rau steps up for YouTube sessions duty this week, ahead of his appearance at Mad Ferret and Percolate’s Attack At The Premiere this Friday 30 October. Joining him on the night will be the likes of Moodymann, Space Dimension Controller, and a Lobster Theremin showcase. Get into the assortment of clips below, a mixture of light hearted comedy and some formidable track selections from the likes of SWV, DJ Qu and SND.

1. Ostrich Attacks Kid

An ostrich, a pony, a donkey, a child and a stupid father somewhere in Lower Bavaria. Poor child… but I can’t stop laughing.

2. Full power test of Leslie Tyfon 425

Leslie Tyfon.. amazing gigantous fart sounds for your pleasure. I would love to call one my own.

3. Kampftrinken Berlin 1989 – Drinking Battle

Drinking battle in Berlin. Alcohol is a hell of a drug… stay away as far as you can.

4. Feyroz

A song from Fairouz. Her music always gives me goosebumps. It’s not the song I wanted to show you… I can’t read Arabic so I couldn’t find it. But this one is also dope, like everything she did or does.

5. SWV – Rain

‘Rain’ from SWV. Also a goosebumper. For the rainy days of the year.

6. babyman “High like a fly”

This is the one and only babyman…coming right at you like a cruise missile.. ah no high like a fly…
what a lovely fellow. Enjoy this tune when you are with someone or when your alone…but try to stay high.

7. Dj QU – All Across The Floor

Dj QU representing on underground quality. This is a tune I totally dig because…I won’t tell you…find it out yourself if you have useable ears.

8. Zanzibar chanel Ft. Dungeon Possee – Mustn’t Evolve

Next vid is from the amazing Zanzibar chanel crew, this time featuring Dungeon Possee. I love it because of the cop getting brutally murdered in the beginning. Mustn’t evolve is also a great credo for everything.

9. SND – 00009 A.1

Now here we got some beautiful sounds from SND. This shit is so dope I can’t find any more adjectives than dope. This music is from the past but it still sounds to me like a future we will never hear or arrive at. Dive in, dream on.

10. HAMMERHEAD ich sauf allein

Last song is from a German Punk band called Hammerhead. The title translated to English means I booze alone. That’s some attitude. I’m not so much into alcohol these days… but when… I like to ‘sauf allein!’

Christopher Rau plays Attack At The Premiere alongside Moodymann this Friday at Studio 338, London. Tickets available here.