YouTube Sessions: Chrissy Murderbot

For this week’s YouTube Sessions we delve into the mind of Chicago rave encyclopedia Chrissy Murderbot, an artist who made his name chopping amen breaks and ragga samples and one now synonymous with the ghetto house derivations of his hometown. Chrissy’s unabashed love of all things rave finds him exploring any combination of genres in his productions and DJ sets, as demonstrated by his ‘Year Of Mixtapes’ blog, releases on the likes of Planet Mu, Halo Cyan, Hyperboloid and his own imprint Loose Squares, and the recent ‘Greatest Hits’ album that bent the juke blueprint out of shape. His YouTube selections are as weird and wonderful as his music tastes, though his desire to stray off the beaten track made for an interesting selection process. Over to Chrissy…

“I gave Hyponik a playlist but then they said they wanted YouTube links to go with everything. But my top 10 was all stuff that YouTube doesn’t have: impossible-to-find rarities, unreleased songs, .gifs, smells, and a couple of things I made up to seem mysterious. And also some still images, and a book, and a really high Tetris score I got once. I asked if I could give them a list of Wikipedia articles instead but they thought I was joking. I wasn’t joking.”

Catch Chrissy Murderbot doing his thing at Visions Video Bar for We Buy Gold tomorrow night (Friday 28th June) – more info here.

“Here’s the first episode of the New Dance Show. It was a TV show in Detroit – your basic 1980s/1990s bandstand-style TV program, but with a Detroit mentality about the music. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.”

“They did this kinda gauntlet dance thing all the time, which is the best. Dancer after dancer trying to outdo each other. Also I’m really into the fashion choices on the new dance show. Such a potent reminder of when I was 9.”

“Speaking of which I really loved this record when I was 9, and I kept asking my mom to buy me the cassingle. But one night we were at the grocery store and my big sister told my mom what “coochie” meant and then my mom wouldn’t let me get the tape. Thanks a lot sis! 🙁 (p.s OMG maybe this is the childhood trauma that has caused me to devote my career to stupid booty music – DID I JUST HAVE A BREAKTHROUGH?!?)”

“Paul Wittgenstein was a famous pianist and the older brother of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. He lost is right arm in World War I, and upon his return spent a considerable chunk of change commissioning one-handed piano pieces from Prokofiev, Ravel, and others. Here’s a recording of his performance of Ravel’s Piano Concerto for Left Hand.”


“I don’t understand it. IF KATRINA STONEHEART HATES PUPPIES SO MUCH WHY DOES SHE OWN A POUND? It’s not like there’s a ton of money in running an animal shelter. Also the doctor in this episode is James Avery aka Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bel Air aka Shredder from TMNT. Speaking of which…”

“I bet this joke won’t make sense in Germany (for instance) because I’m assuming the guy they got to dub Uncle Phil for German TV is different than the guy they got to dub Shredder.”

“KWAY (sp?) AND ICEBERG!!! I’m pretty sure Iceberg was the name of a recurring character on Pound Puppies. Like a dog from really far north or maybe a dog made out of lettuce. By the way did Iceberg say she’s gonna give it to Alt-J?”

“The Percolator comes in around 6:50. Because every top 10 list I make has The Percolator in it.”