Chris Finke - Bodyjack

YouTube Sessions: Bodyjack

Chris Finke is a true UK techno trooper, one whose career has seen him rise from DMC competitor to the brains behind the seminal ‘Split’ parties and radio shows alongside Ben Sims, and longstanding resident at Birmingham’s mighty Atomic Jam. Founder of Flux Recordings, Chris has also released on labels such as Mote Evolver, Affin, Beardman and Hidden Recordings, plus remix work for the likes of Mark Broom and A Guy Called Gerald.

Finke recently announced a new trajectory in his career under the moniker Bodyjack, the title of his 2012 Chicago-influenced track that found favour with the likes of Jackmaster, Paul Woolford, Dave Clarke, L-Vis 1990 and DJ Rolando. Alongside Vinyl Underground’s Aidy West, Finke will release limited edition, vinyl-only cuts on an eponymous ‘Bodyjack’ imprint – the first 12″ is scheduled to drop September 16th and will see the full release of the title track alongside the garage-leaning ‘I Wanna Be’.

Taking control of YouTube Sessions this week, Finke hands us a mix of comedy gold, techno bangers and Tears For Fears. Hold tight for Alan Partridge, Peter Cook and Chris Morris rubbing shoulders with Dragon Fly, Paul Johnson and A Guy Called Gerald…


Alan Partridge – Horse Racing

Part 1:

(also very funny) Part 2:

“Hands down the funniest Alan Partridge skit of all time. Alan and I have parallel lives in many ways. Two brothers separated by different parents. Only the die-hards will know about this one as it was before his solo sitcoms, taken from the geniously absurd satirical ‘The Day Today’ series. Part 1 has the best Alan line of all time with “good to see the deaf catered for…'”

Dragon Fly – Visions Of Rage ([1991]

“It doesn’t get much better than this. Jimmy Saville could drop this now and it would still go off, its that good.”

Drunk Dad – “Rita, Sue & Bob Too” 

“I defy anyone ever to play a better drunk than this man. Clips from a bleak but also hilarious UK film from the mid 80’s called ‘Rita, Sue & Bob Too’. A spellbinding performance. I have sampled him twice from this film on releases.”

Paul Johnson – Soft Spot (Relief Records)

“Those who think PJ ‘s output starts and ends with ‘Get Get Down’ need a word with themselves and listen to this EP. A master at the top of his game. Jackers with a sense of humour.”

Peter Cook & Chris Morris – Why Bother?

“Two of the most amazing comedic minds of all time came together in the late 90’s just before Peter Cook died and recorded these 15 minute totally improvised conversations. Both men’s surreal brilliance shines through in all of these.”

A Guy Called Gerald – Blow Your House Down (Chris Finke Remix) [2006]

“The first remix I ever did and the only thing I’ve made that my friends ask me to play if they ever bother to turn up to my gigs. Big room jacking remix of the classic acid house track from AGCG. Watch the drop. Bang!”

Blankety Blank (Comic Relief Special)

“Peter Serafinowicz’s ‘Wogan’ is the best in the business.”

Gerd – Arkests Blaze [1996]

“Classic Chris Finke set opener…THIS GOES OFF.”

Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels (Official Video) [1985]

on Vimeo.

“It’s not often that a music video is as good as the song when the song is THIS good, but it’s a killer. And there’s a monkey!”

Mark Broom & Chris Finke b2b @ Atomic Jam – “Minder Theme Edit” [2009]

“A bit childish but this had to be in here…we came to the end of a 4 hour b2b set and dropped this little cheeky Minder edit just before Chris Liebing stepped up to play. Half the 3000+ strong crowd got it straight away and half didn’t but by the end the place was going off! Apologies for the handheld footage. Its all add to the atmosphere…”