YouTube Sessions

YouTube Sessions: Best Of 2013

Starting out back in 2012, YouTube sessions quickly became one of the most popular features on our site. Two years down the line and we’ve managed to rope in some of our favourite DJ’s and producers on a weekly basis to divulge to us what they spend their time watching on the internet (strictly SFW thankfully). Other than a surprising prevalence of Cat videos, the results have been wholly unpredictable, exciting, hilarious and insightful, often all at once. To conclude our round up of content from last year, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite selections of 2013 to create a list that could have easily been two, if not three, times as long. Enjoy amazing Hip-Hop documentaries, Danny Dyer buffonery, incredible South African music and the Olsen Twins in mind bending slo-mo.

Surgeon Plays “Jingle The Bells” (Chosen by Midland)

“Surgeon playing a mashup of Jeff Mills “The Bells” and “Jingle Bells”. Badman.”

Beef 1 (Chosen by Madteo)

“I found these docs very informative. Written, produced and directed by Quincy Jones III, one of Quincy Jones’s sons, they seem low-budget but ably string together and eloquently narrate the histories of hip-hop’s most important beefs. What’s interesting is that digging into those beefs you pretty much get a big panoramic picture on the history of the genre as a whole, as beefs are fundamentally entwined with its genesis, so I highly recommend them. I’ve watched the first three but apparently there are more.”

DMZ 3rd Birthday (Chosen by Pearson Sound)

“Formative clubbing experiences in 2008.”

Ghostly Presents – Osborne (Chosen by Shigeto)

“Todd Osborn is an amazing dude. Don’t know if there’s a thing in the world he can’t do. Says some great stuff in here about how you can learn anything in an hour, it’s just about how you apply your skill after that. Love it.”

Fatima Al Qadiri – D-Medley (Chosen by French Fries)

“Is this the best music video ever?”

John Peel’s Sound of the Suburbs – Cornwall (1/2) (Chosen by Space Dimension Controller)

“John Peel interviews Richard James and Luke Vibert in Cornwall back in 1999.”

1975 Mercedes Benz 300D EXTREME -20F Cold Start Winter (Chosen by Modeselektor)

“To be honest – Modeselektor love cars, especially old ones. Would be great if you could transfer these fumes of garages and diesel via the internet.”

DJ CALL ME Letswalo (Chosen by John Wizards)

“Sick dance moves. A friend passed this onto me. I really enjoy the way he uses that classic ‘acid house’ style synth sound, but roots it very heavily in South African music.”

Danny Dyer @ Mantra Nightclub Windsor (Chosen by Tom Demac)

“A bit old this one, but video’s of Danny Dyer helping promote the club he’s ‘djing’ in via videos made in a nightclub’s back office? Yes please. Whether the promotional aspects of the videos were successful or not, it’s wicked watching him being a complete tool. ‘GAFF’”

James Brown gives his drummer the spotlight. Live at The Boston Garden, April 5, 1968 (Chosen by DJ Kon)

“After Martin Luther King was assassinated, James Brown single handedly saved my hometown of Boston from rioting by playing a concert April 5 1968 at Boston Garden which was broadcast live. That is true power. Here James gives the drummer some, Clyde Stubblefield.”

Gimme Pizza Slow – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Slow Version) (Chosen by Archie Pelago)

“Dan, Zach, Greg: ‘As New Yorkers, we just really love pizza’”

DJ Slimzee and MC God’s Gift – Street Beats (Mix) (Chosen by Bok Bok

“This was out on CD thru Ministry years ago. Still my second favorite grime mix ever – Slimzee’s selection here particularly soooo seminal for me.”

Gangster Party Line (Chosen by SCNTST)

“Emile from Sound Pellegrino shared this video lately, he’s a classic gangsta for sure!”

Timothy Shieff – Man Catches London Underground On His Hands (Chosen by Mosca)

“Met this guy when he came to see me at a rave in San Francisco. He’s from the UK but was out there to link a Pornstar and basically be Batman. Love how nobody really bats an eyelid… welcome to London. Might wanna watch this on mute by the way.”

Martin Hannett and Tony Wilson at Strawberry Studios in July 1980 (Chosen by Daniel Avery)

Tony Wilson: “And how do you make it sound wonderful?”

The Secret Life Of Waves Part 1 (Chosen by Throwing Snow)

“Really amazing documentary about the science behind waves that results in a truly profound view point of existence – must be watched to the end”

Sun Ra – Cry Of Jazz (Chosen by Mr Beatnick)

“Only one way to end, since it’s one of my lists we need the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, Sun Ra of the mighty solar myth arkestra. Lots of people go on and on about Space Is The Place but Cry Of Jazz is much less well known – and perhaps much more beautiful, shot in 1959. Immerse yourself, the music and words speak more deeply to the soul than I ever could. Be well citizens, thanks for reading, and watching.”

And finally, the token cat video from Mr Beatnick…

Cat plays Theremin

“Out to Dobie on this selection, spent a week laughing at it. All about the cat at the end. One of days I want to have a house full of cats and Theremins and use them to make a feline-synth orchestral record. Name suggestions welcomed, if only it also worked with dogs, could have called it the Barkestra.”