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YouTube Sessions: Ben UFO

This week we welcome one-third of Hessle Audio and all-round seasoned selector, Ben UFO. We’ve been looking forward to getting our mits on this YouTube Session for a while now, and boy, has he come up with the goods.

Ben Thomson’s online meanderings take us on blissful journey through Theo Parrish vs Maurice Fulton in Tokyo, on to Miles Davis live on the Isle of Wight, the sub-heavy realms of Cartoon Network, classic 90s jungle footage and techno stalwart Regis, pulverizing the fuck out of a rave in Madrid (sorry)…

Theo Parrish vs Maurice Fulton at Liquidroom in Tokyo

“Two legends looking totally relaxed in each others’ company, dancing and vibing hard off the tune. I never found out what it is, does anyone know?”

Villalobos playing Claptrap during a back to back set with Luciano in 2010

“When I first saw this I had no conception that anything we’d released could ever be played at a show like this, and I’d never heard Claptrap played that slow. The main reason I keep coming back to it though, is to watch Luciano’s low-key little clapping dance, and to enjoy the crowd’s relieved whooping once the 4/4 kick returns to the mix.”

Miles Davis – Live at the Isle of Wight Festival, 1970

“This was performed to approximately 600,000 people. The previous act had been Joni Mitchell. Airto Moreira’s facial expressions and bizarre percussive noodlings are a definite highlight.”

Laurie Spiegel playing possibly the first real-time digital synthesizer

“… and the first section of a two-part interview with Spiegel at Bell Labs, where the synthesizer was built in 1977”

“Q: What is the most exciting thing about [producing music with computers] for you?”

“A: This is a time in which many people feel that there’s a lot of dead ends in music, that there isn’t a lot more to do. Actually, through the technology I experience this as quite the opposite – this is a period in which we realise that we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible musically.”

Bell Hooks on Madonna

“YouTube comments sections are weird and alienating, but occasionally they can be pretty funny – “Madonna makes people feel good. Bell hooks does not. Madonna is pretty and sexy. Bell hooks is not. Madonna contributes to society. Bell hooks does nothing but complain.” That’s her told, I guess.”

A Dancing Bug

“Sub-bass on Cartoon Network. Finn and Jake are true heroes.”

A London Someting Dis

“A documentary on jungle, named after the Tek 9 record, originally broadcast on BBC2 in 1993. Loads of awesome rave and pirate radio footage, visits to record shops, amazing tracks, amazing clothes, amazing dancers, and a whole host of legends talking about the music they’re clearly so passionate about at one of the peaks of its popularity.”

BBC.co.uk dubstep documentary

“A short documentary made for the BBC Music website in 2006, and one of the first video features to focus on dubstep. I’m actually in here somewhere briefly, bobbing around in Third Base at one of the early DMZ events with absurdly long hair.”

Regis in Madrid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7WR74B3RBU (Embedding disabled)

“Blawan showed me this last week when we were in Croatia for Dimensions. I think it speaks for itself. “Fuck this.””

Catch Ben UFO at Rinse’s Bithrday weekend (Friday 28th Manchester Warehouse Project, Saturday 29th O2 Academy Brixton). Click here for tickets.