Youtube Sessions: Archie Pelago

A trio of young Brooklynites combining improvised instrumentation with more conventional electronic production techniques, Archie Pelago are a unique proposition. Consisting of Dan Hirshorn, Greg Hefferman and Zach Koeber, Archie P boldly traverse the hitherto unexplored middle grounds between jazz, classical and electronic dance music in a way that sounds natural and incomprehensible all at once. Gathering momentum this year through releases on Well Rounded and their own Archie Pelago Music imprint, their music has to be heard to be believed. Next up on their own label is the ‘Breezy Whey / Backflight’ EP set to drop on July 22nd featuring a remix by Hyponik favourite Thefft, head here for a taster of that.

Their Youtube burrowing reveals a melodious and interesting helping of the semi-expected; Sun-Ra, Debussy, French composer Pierre Bastien, as well a couple of pleasingly perplexing entries ( Kool Keith talking about Seltzer water??). Watch for yourself below.

Steely Dan – Making of Aja

Greg: ‘I love making-of videos, behind the scenes docs, and in-depth explorations of how great works come together, particularly in the musical realm. Videos like this make you feel like you’re sitting in a masterclass. Highlight: Listen to Becker and Fagan go through some of the rejected guitar solos for ‘Peg’ at 6:41’

Pegasus Warning – Try So Hard

Dan: ‘Guillermo Brown was a professor of mine at NYU who really pushed me through some musical doors and I can’t thank him enough. His new project Pegasus Warning is particularly badass and the visual aesthetic is equally stunning, thanks to his collaboration with artist Wangechi Mutu. [slightly NSFW- nudity]’

Debussy – Sonata for Cello pt. 1 (Grendron – cellist)

Greg: ‘The musicality in this vid is just so authoritative’

Sun Ra – Shadow World

Zach: ‘This video is an insane example of the Sun Ra Arkestra’s performance art, complete with a trombone chase and chair solo!’

Stanley Clarke – Self-Titled (complete album)

Zach: ‘One of my favorite records. It is an all-star lineup of sorts; Stanley and Bill Connors were in Return to Forever, Jan Hamer was in Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Tony Williams played drums in Miles Davis’ second quintet’

 Tamala 2010 A Punk Cat In Space [FULL]

Dan: ‘A strange, fucked up thing that is so beautiful and unsettling. Spanish subtitles only, sorry’

Pierre Bastien – Live from STEIM Amsterdam 17 Dec 2009

Zach: ‘I was at this performance and it blew my mind. Pierre is an experimental music builder, and uses devices like metronomes and pulleys to construct elaborate orchestral devices’

Bernstein conducts Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique Mvt. 4

Dan: ‘A bombastic movement from one of my favorite composers, conducted by the untouchable Lenny. The movement itself is a drug-induced nightmare ending in the decapitation of Berlioz’s own head by his lover’

Kool Keith on Seltzer Water

Greg: ‘Kool Keith’s observations are absolutely correct in this video. I am a seltzer fan since birth and I think the mainstream is just now catching up to the timeless appeal of seltzer water’

Gimme Pizza – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Slow Version)

Dan, Zach, Greg: ‘As New Yorkers, we just really love pizza’