LHF Amen Ra - Photo

YouTube Sessions: Amen Ra

As co-founder of elusive London super collective LHF, Amen Ra is in good company with the likes of Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Low Density Matter, Octaviour, Escobar Seasons, Solar Man and Lumin Project. The collective’s first three EPs, as well as debut full-length 2012’s ‘Keepers Of The Light’, were released on Dusk + Blackdown‘s Keysound Recordings – an ideal pairing of those devoted to celebrating the legacy of the UK underground whilst looking to the future and extramundane.

Having just released a collaborative EP ‘From The Edge’ with Jungle veterans The Ragga Twins, LHF have an electrifying 10-track long player ‘For The Thrown’ out tomorrow (10th July). Described by the group as ‘cult music’, it channels the melting pot of London’s rich club history into a refreshingly new sonic entity: ‘an album for the misfits, those that frustrate due to not being easy to define, those that are discarded and thrown away.’ With the majority of it constructed by Amen Ra we decided to get him to take us through his favourite clips from the web for this week’s YouTube sessions. It includes documentaries on prolific Jazz artist Sun Ra and everybody’s favourite Drum & Bass label – Metalheadz. We’re also treated to a quirky interview of ?uestlove by habitual wind up merchant Nardwuar, as well as a classic Tim and Barry set from East London’s finest, Newham Generals.

Composer James Mtume Destroys Jazz Critic Stanley Crouch in a Debate about Miles Davis – Parts 1 and 2

There’s nothing quite like setting the record straight. Especially when you do it with such passion and style. Stanley Crouch doesn’t understand Miles Davis’s change in direction but Mtume deals with the misunderstandings beautifully. Any artist that doesn’t see the boundaries should watch this. Inspiring stuff.

Sun Ra – Brother from Another Planet

Great documentary on a hero of mine. Sun Ra’s vision and complete dedication to pushing himself and the art is unrivalled.


I love the work Mochilla do. This documentary is so good. The bit where they play Ivan Conti some of Madlib’s jazz stuff is a joy to watch everytime.

Nardwuar vs Questlove

The greatest music interviewer of all time? I found it hard to choose my favourite Nardwuar. I like this one – Questlove thought he was ready but got completely caught off guard. If you don’t know Nardwuar’s work go and look him up immediately.

Masters At Work RBMA lecture

Absolute legends. UKG owes a debt to these guys as does House music in general. Listen to the history and evolution.

Metalheadz – Talking Headz documentary

Jungle was the first movement I checked more or less from the beginning until it blew up. These guys were at the forefront of its innovation. I remember running out and picking up Platinum Breaks at HMV on the day it dropped. Things were never the same again.

Vangelis – Blade Runner 2002 Esper Edition

This edition is the one! Really nicely put together. Big up my insomniacs, this will probably cure you.

Newham Generals!!!

I’ve been following Footsie from when he was about 15 and he was my pathway into Grime. When he first brought D Double onto his radio show I didn’t know what I was hearing. Once they formed Newham Generals it was over. This clip is just vibes.

Utopia by John Pilgner

Ancient people have been displaced and stripped of their culture all around the world. I guess it’s always been part of the cycle but often it’s done in ways which seriously makes you question how ‘civilised’ the people doing it are. Here’s a heartbreaking film on the plight of the natives of Australia.

Advanced Ancient Civilization in South Africa, Hidden History and Technology – Michael Tellinger

This is really interesting. Parts may be a bit far out for some but if you’re going to ask questions about our origins then you’re going to come up against some spooky stuff. He brings a lot of different fields together to present his findings. Go check.

‘For The Thrown’ is out 10 July on Keysound Recordings. Buy it here.