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YouTube Sessions: Alix Perez

Releasing records since the tender age of 17, Alix Perez has enjoyed a richly varied decade of making music. His beginnings as a peddler of soulful liquid DnB saw him drop a run of genre classics as a solo artist and in collaboration with the likes of Redeyes and Sabre, before he added a layer of grit to his sound after becoming affiliated with Friction’s Shogun Audio. Its on that label that he’s dropped his two solo LP’s, ‘1984’ and ‘Chroma X Chords’ – with the latter particularly acclaimed for its rich musicality and seamless incorporation of Hip-Hop and Soul influences on to a DnB templates.

Long drawing for inspiration from realms not usually associated with his peers operating at similar tempos, Perez has made several forays explicitly outside of DnB. Under his ARP101 moniker he’s traded in a relaxed style of fractured Boogie that made him a perfect fit of Eglo, whilst he used his own name last year to drop the ‘U’ EP on Exit – a collection of halfstep hybrids that saw him work with Spinn and the late DJ Rashad.

Set to line up in fabric’s Room 2 tomorrow 6th March alongside the rest of the Exit crew for Mark System’s album launch party, we locked Perez down for this week’s YouTube Sessions. Read on as he pays respect to some DnB history, shares some unexpected Tintin gold and lets us in on a surprising family connection…

Mr G Live in Boiler Room

I met Colin years ago through my mum. I remember the first time he took me to Black Market years ago when it was in the tiny basement. He shared some of his knowledge with me and was definitely a part of the bug I caught with the music thing and inspired me to go on my way. This set here sums up why he still is an absolute don.

Adam F – ‘Metropolis’

This record means a lot to me. My mum played it to me when I was 14 and it pretty much defined my direction in life there after. I’d never heard anything like it at the time and it sparked my interest in music production / playing records in general. I didn’t know it would take me to where I am now but I’m thankful that moment happened.

Fela Kuti – ‘Water No Get Enemy’

This record is on par with ‘Metropolis’, something very different but equally as inspirational. My dad played this a lot in the house when we were younger and it has stuck with me ever since.


Timbaland in his prime. The faces he pulls kills me. That’s a bit of history there.

Teeside Tintin

Being Belgian and a fan of Tintin, this absolutely slayed me when I first discovered it.

Epicly Later-d


If you are into your skating this will keep you busy.

La Haine

One of my favourite films

Talkin’ Headz – The Metalheadz Documentary (1998)

I unfortunately never had the chance to attend any of the Blue Note sessions but this documentary is a good insight into that era and the Metalheadz movement and influence in the 90’s.

Style Wars (1983)

Style Wars for me, was massively educational and influential. I got heavily into Graff / writing when I grew up in South of France in Montpellier and this piece taught me a lot about Hip Hop and it’s elements. This right here is a piece of NYC history.

Louis CK Stand Up 2014 | Shameless | Oh My God

Louis CK is one of my favourite stand ups, primarily for his cold, dark honesty and this stand up piece is definitely of good example.

Alix Perez plays fabric Room 2 tomorrow night alongside dBridge, Mark System, Kid Drama, Fracture, Skeptical and more. Buy tickets here