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YouTube Sessions: Addison Groove

We hand over the controls on this week’s YouTube Sessions to Tony Williams-better known to most as Addison Groove. Starting off as Headhunter, the Bristol based beat smith first began releasing under that alias in 2006-during what was arguably Dubstep’s creative zenith. Material under that alias was determinedly of the eyes down variety, tailor made for the darkened basements that formed the genre’s spiritual home, with releases mainly landing on the seminal Tempa label. As Dubstep began to suffer its much publicised identity crisis around 2010, Williams decided it was the perfect time to launch his new Addison Groove project on Loefah’s burgeoning Swamp 81 imprint. His debut 12″, ‘Footcrab/Dumbshit’, was a gamechanger to say the least. A devastating appropriation of the Footwork sound that had been kicking up a fuss over in Chicago, it opened the doors for this current era of tempo experimentation which we are now enjoying.

Williams has gone on to put out two albums under his Addison Groove moniker,the most recent coming out just last month, with his sonic explorations now extending to Acid, Techno and DnB to mention just a few. Before he turns out at Egg tomorrow night alongisde Greg Wilson and South London Ordnance, we got Williams to reel us off a list of what he watches on the interweb. Read on for some carefully picked clips of Footwork dancing, Jungle classics, timeless Hip-Hop freestlying and a top notch Chemical Brothers vid…

Joint Project – ‘Total Feeling’

Good old Rave tune, pre-Jungle. Wasn’t very popular from my memory but its fuckin’ rollin’.

Pepe Bradock – ‘Deep Burnt’

This tune only came out on vinyl and will set you back a fair few pounds now, thankfully we have YouTube to listen it on. One of my favourite House trax ever.

Notorious B.I.G freestyling in Bed Stuy at age 17

No need to make too much of a comment about this, he says it all.

South African Music (Nwampfundla)

Africa’s version of Footwork.

The New Dance Show

This actually happened on TV in Detroit! Imagine being 10 years old and seeing this on TV… Yes the fashion is crazy but you know these tunes were fresh has hell at the time. I advise you to look for as much of this as you can.

Tom and Jerry – ‘Follow Da Massive’

Jungle from ’93 .. of very high quality.

Pump Up The Volume (Documentary)

Seen this when it came out, I think on Channel 4. It must be at least 10 years old. If you have a spare 2 hours, you too can enjoy the whole thing as it follows the history of Dance music.

The Chemical Brothers – ‘Star Guitar’

Amazing video to this song directed by Michel Gondry. Every sound is represented out the window of a train.

Video explains the world’s most important 6-second drum loop

A video about the Amen Break.


I can’t post a bunch of YouTube vids without posting any Footwork clips- that’s how I discovered the genre. There’s so much online its hard to get through the good and the bad, but anything older than 3 years is pretty raw and good. ‘

Addison Groove plays KURV at Egg tomorrow night with Greg Wilson and South London Ordnance. Buy tickets here