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YouTube Sessions: Acre

Its a classic music journalist shortcut to create scenes out of thin air, although it certainly bears saying that there seems to be something afoot in Manchester. The last few years have seen attention continually turn to the North-West, as a network of like minded producers have carved out a new chapter in the endlessly fascinating trajectory of the Hardcore continuum. Blackened and precise, its a sound that’s been pushed by the likes of Houndstooth’s Akkord, corrosive duo AnD,  Marcus Intalex’s Trevino alias, and more recently, Acre. The latter has seen support from Visionist and Pinch, releasing metallic bass bombs on their labels as well as a host of others over the last couple of years.

Roping him in for an eyes down mix earlier in the year, we’ve kept an eye on Acre ever since – with his forthcoming three tracker on local label Project 13 MCR getting a hammering on the office hi-fi. To support that release we invited him to share his taste in YouTube videos with us, so he could hopefully wipe away that lazy ‘enigmatic’ tag once and for all. As you can see below, he got properly stuck in with the premise – delivering a bumper selection of clips that show a sense of humour which perhaps isn’t immediately obvious from his music. Starting off with the most punchable kid in America, he cover religious nutjobs, wise R.Kelly and Pingu rinsin’ out the vibes….

The Notorious B.I.G. – “Juicy” (MattyBRaps Cover) 

I thought I’d start this list with some absolutely soul destroying material. This is so bad, I mean who better to cover some classic 90’s Hip Hop than an 8 year old white kid with rich parents. I love how he’s reminiscing back to when he was like 6 as if it was a decade ago and he’s come so far. The line “call the crib, same number same hood” doesn’t really work if you’re only 8 and don’t live in the hood. But anyways this is some jaw dropping shit, there’s so many hilarious lines, one of my favourites is “felt played in the worst way now my dad’s phone rings when they thirsty”. I just wonder what this kid will think watching this back when he’s in his 20’s. . . “if you don’t know now you know. . . playa” haha.

Gou Miyagi 

Gou Miyagi of Heroin Skateboards, some of the most creative shit I’ve seen done in skateboarding since Rodney Mullen. I love his style, some of the tricks he does make me absolutely piss myself but overall I think its like, ‘why can’t Skateboarding make you laugh?’. The trick is still technically difficult and just goes to show there really are no rules when it comes down to it, just what you can think to do with a board.

Ainsley Harriott Exe 

This is a video of many mixed emotions. The editing is perfect, the ominous music provides an atmosphere of uncertainty and tension, you feel uneasy, as if something sinister is going on but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s re-appropriation at it’s finest, Disturbing stuff. The slow-mo “yeah boii” always gets me.

Ey My Nigguh! 

Short but sweet, everything about this video. The quiet suburban setting, middle class family enjoying a meal in the garden.

Rave Party 1997 For Kids Level 1

I have no idea who gave the go ahead for this. It doesn’t really seem like a good idea putting a bunch of children in a dark room so they can listen to hardcore and pretend they’re on drugs, I swear some of these kids are about 5. The awkward smirk on the MC’s face too, god knows what he’s thinking, he’s probably having some deep thoughts akin to how the hell did I end up doing this. Anyways the kids seem to be having an amazing time absolutely off their heads on jelly and ice cream or possibly class A drugs I can’t quite tell. My school parties were never anything like that. I’m kind of glad to be honest.

Subliminal Messages in Road Signs – Gorilla199 

This guy is probably one of the biggest conspiracy/religious nut jobs I’ve ever seen. Notice how if you read everything upside down, backwards and in Greek (as you do) then patterns appear. I can’t help but think he’s looking into things a little too much. He has tons of videos all like this and seems to have some kind of obsession with Apollyon the destroyer. I think in three separate videos he proves that Santa Claus is actually Satan, then Zeus then an alien which makes complete logical sense, he does’t seem to notice his own videos contradict each other. I don’t really know what to say about this guy but if you have to block comments on your videos that’s a sure sign you’ve lost it.

mind= blown wmv 

Guess this kind of counters the previous video. This guy Sam Hyde is great. Him and two other guys called Nick and Charles had a channel called Million Dollar Extreme but it recently got taken down which sucks because it was by far my favourite channel on YouTube, I heard it isn’t the first time it’s happened though. This new channel (MDE Forever) has some of their most popular older stuff but I don’t think any new content will get put up on it. Check out the Kickstarter TV series if you want a good laugh, I didn’t post it up here coz it’s too long but if you enjoy this definitely watch it. Also ‘yellow yam scam’, ‘they think i’m crazy’ and ‘MDE whypz’.

R Kelly – Real Talk Behind the Scenes 

I think R Kelly is a bit of a genius. I can watch this video on repeat for ages. We’ve all been in a situation like this but I don’t think anyone has put it as eloquently as Kells. Real talk and watch your mouth. You bogus girl, Milton!

Fuck You and Your Stupid Clique

If I ever get into a soundclash I’m just gonna play this, reload it then play a bunch of gunshot samples and airhorns. it’s a pretty good mantra though, kinda gets stuck in your head.

Pingu’s Angry Ragga Jungle Father 

The title pretty much speaks for itself, whoever made this connection is a genius. It works so well. The time stretching on Pingu’s crying is sick too, good touch haha. Also the cut to the smashed plate accompanied by jungle breaks, excellent.

Garry’s Mod Club Dance Video

This is made using a mod for Half Life 2. I used to have it and you can basically just do whatever you want, I used to spawn in a bunch of enemies to fight each other, mess with the physics & gravity and fly around and stuff. It’s really fun and as you can see some people went that extra mile to create something truly amazing. If you don’t totally lose your shit at 50 secs then you’re not human.

Boots oN The Ground FReeStyLE RemiX 

I think this guy is attempting to be some kind of beat poet, touching on politics and social commentary, you know; blowing the lid right off ‘sick’ american society and culture. Not sure he’s really nailing it, kinda so bad you have to like it. Its pretty good when he takes it to the ‘next level’ though. UHHH


Kenny Ken!


I like the whole vibe of this video, it’s so amateur like a really bad first year uni project, poor shots and really poor acting. You spend most of the time wondering what the hell is going on but be patient though, the payoff is right at the end. The expression on her face!

Az and Bo – Oi Nobhead

This is exactly what its like to live in Manchester haha. I love the road sign with ‘wivvy’ on it.

Limmy – Requiem

Limmy is ace, think this is quite an old sketch from before he had a TV programme (Limmy’s Show). simple but so good. I love the way he lies to them in such a casual way, I couldn’t do that and keep a straight face.

The ‘Symbols’ EP is out 12″ 29th September via Project 13 MCR. Listen to it here.