Vibrant Palette: Eats Everything

It has been a rapid rise through the house music ranks over the last 18 months for West Country gent, Dan Pearce. From building sites and recruitment consultancy offices, through to recording a live essential mix and releasing on Pets Recordings and Dirtybird; Eats Everything is getting his just desserts for a decade of grinding it out in electronic music.

Be it his early house and breaks productions as Schmidt, beginning at the turn of the millenium, or his work alongside Birmingham’s Chris James as Coat Of Arms, this is a producer who has mastered his own sound and the art of the modern-day studio.

Ahead of his appearance at next months Glade Festival, we exchanged a few emails with the big man to talk over his recent trip to the states, his native Bristol and young artists to be keeping a watchful eye on.

You’ve not long got back from a 3-week tour of America, how was your trip and what were the highlights?
It was absolutely brilliant! Honestly, one of the best experiences of my life. It really opened my eyes to what I can and can’t do and changed me as a DJ for the better! Highlights for me were seeing all of the amazing places and gigs in Denver and Toronto. All the gigs were awesome, but those just pinched it.

Did you enjoy the food?
Does the pope shit in the woods? Yes, it was amazing. Another major highlight!

You’re closely affiliated with the Dirtybird family, how did this relationship come about?
It came about through the release of ‘Entrance Song’ on Pets, and blossomed from there. They are wonderful people and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be part of a crew of such wicked guys (and gal!).

You’ve been collaborating with Claude Von Stroke recently, has this been via the Internet or have you managed to get in the studio together?
All Internet based unfortunately, although we have planned to get in the studio together, but whether it ever happens is in the lap of the gods!

You come from Bristol and have been quoted as saying it’s your “favourite place on the planet”. What’s special about Brizzle?
I think its size has a lot to do with it. It’s only small so there is a real community feeling about the place, very similar to San Francisco in that sense. It has a great diverse mix of people as well and there is ALWAYS a party going on if you wanna get involved. Summers are amazing as well, when it’s not raining obviously.

Hailing from a city with a vibrant history of electronic music, what did your musical palette consist of growing up?
My musical palette as a youngster consisted of House, Jungle and Hardcore. A mixture of all three really but house took over and Jungle and Hardcore got slightly ruined in the mid nineties.

Any particular house legends that have had a major influence on you?
Murk, MK and The Rhythm Masters all had a massive influence on me and still do now.

There are a lot of vibrant young producers emerging from Bristol at the moment, who should everyone be keeping an eye out for?
Lukas, Christophe, Tom Rio & Freddie Prest and Jambo are all names to keep a watchful eye over in the next year or so.

You’ve been producing for about 10 years but we’ve only come to know ‘Eats Everything’ over the past few years. Can you talk us through the projects you’ve been involved with and the birth of the ‘Eats Everything’ guise.
I used to make Breaks & House back in the early 2000’s under the guise Schmidt and then when that finished in about 2007 I started Eats Everything. I didn’t become a competent producer until 2009 really though and really nailed how I do things. It’s just gone really well from here on in and I am very excited for the future.

What else do you have coming up release throughout 2012?
I have EP’s on Pets and dirtybird to come and a big collaboration project with Justin Martin that we will be putting the finishing touches to in June. Very exciting year!