The Rest Is Music: Trikk

Having recently moved to London from his base in Oporto, Portugal, Portugese house/bass producer Trikk, is the third name on the roster of talent at George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic imprint, with his ‘Jointly / I Fall Down’ pricking all the right ears at the moment with it’s mixture of bouncing low end, classic ’90s rhythms and clipped soul vocals.

Having previously released tracks for Berlin’s Spagat Music, this young talent has a unique perspective on the current UK scene, having spent all of his musical carrer thus far in picking up on sounds that would pass through his Portugese home. Ahead of the release of ‘Jointly / I Fall Down’, we caught up with the developing talent to talk playing live, his recent move to the home of ‘UK bass’, and his own influences…

So Bruno, you’re originally Portugese, but living in London – what was it that drew you to the UK capital?
Yes, well what attracted me was the opportunities. In Portugal it’s difficult to get in touch with people or labels or for them to get in touch with you, it seems like you are invisible sometimes. In general though I am here because of the music, I’m here to get inspiration and to work.

It was only recently that you moved – how are you finding it in general?
You’re right, I just moved on 27th January, a very short time ago. For me it’s another world, opportunities appear from nowhere, and I’m getting inspired by my surroundings.

What music or club nights have you been checking out?
I’ve just been visiting record shops almost everyday to listen to different things – old school house stuff and UK garage. I haven’t been to a club yet though! I was going to check Fabric out over the weekend but the snow stopped me!

What sort of effect do you think the city will have on your music?
I don’t know yet, I think it could change my entire sound in general cause so many different things are happening around me, so much good music, so much inspiration. That said, I’m not 100% set up in London yet, and it will probably take a while for me to settle in and get back in the routine of making tracks.

It seems the distinctions between ‘scenes’ or genres are more blurred in the UK and Europe – is that the case in Portugal?
Yeah I think that’s also the case in Portugal. However, the main distinction is still simply that we don’t have as many established ‘scenes’ or genres.

You prefer to play live – why is that?
Yes, just because live is another experience for the crowd and for me. It’s like you can give the audience what they need at the exact moment, and it’s more a personal thing, it’s me and the crowd, not tracks by other artists as in a DJ set – I enjoy DJing too, but it’s different…

Your combination of sounds is very ‘London’ at the moment – the mixture of bass, organic and tech sounds – there’s a real 90s sound to it, why do you think that is?
I think it’s just because of my influences, basically almost all the old school things, Chicago house, bass and Detroit techno, I think I make a mixture of everything, cause I have some tunes which are more techno/bass-oriented and others tunes are more house/bass friendly, I always like to have that variation in my music.

Tell us about the new release on ManMakeMusic…
It’s a two track EP: ‘Jointly’ is more the club thing, the “London” thing you mentioned before. It’s basically UK bass with house elements. ‘I Fall Down’ is more melodic, a mixture of house, bass and chicago styles. I tried to take two different approaches to the EP, just to show some versatility and something different to the listeners…

How did you hook up with the guys?
Well, I sent out a handful of demo’s for a few labels a while ago, and I had no response for a while. I totally forgot about it all but one day George FitzGerald got back to me saying how much he liked my stuff and asking if I wanted to work with the label. The rest is music.

‘Jointly / I Fall Down’ will be released via ManMakeMusic on March 19.