Take a dubbed out scuba dive with Len Leise

Australian producer Len Leise turns in an excellent dub version of his own ‘O Caminho’.

Leise has a undoubted talent for crafting timeless Balearic house without succumbing to cheese or anonymity. That’s no mean feat, especially if your city of residence is over 10,000 miles away from the White Isle. Last year saw the release of his Lingua Franca mini-album on Mark Barrott’s International Feel imprint. It was a huge success, touching on everything from ambient jazz to afro disco and hitting numerous end of year charts.

It’s worth retelling the story of how Leise came to end up on the label. Barrott had supposedly discovered an old cassette by Leise in a Paris bargain bin, and was desperate to reissue it. On finally tracking down the producer in Sydney, he was informed that the masters no longer existed, but Barrott managed to talk Leise into recording new music for International Feel. There was a rumour circulating that none of this was true – that ‘Len Leise’ was simply an alias for Barrott himself – but this has since been disproved. Still, an aura of mystery orbits his exotic productions.

Now the label are following up with a remix 12″, and we’re premiering Leise’s own remix of ‘O Caminho’. If the original was a lively beach party, all liquid bass, bubbling FX and steel drums, then the remix is a dub heavy plunge into the ocean depths that loses none of its considerable dancefloor power. Listen below:

Lingua Franca Remixes is out 11 March on International Feel, grab your copy right here.