The Vinyl Library

Speakers’ Corner: The Vinyl Library

We kick off a new podcast series with a chat with the hippest librarians in town: Sophie Austin and Elly Rendall.

As Hyponik discovered just over a month ago, London now has an all-vinyl library for those who continue to get their kicks from dusty grooves or individuals realising the joy of the vinyl record for the very first time. Since heading over to the The Vinyl Library a few weeks ago to meet its owners, Sophie and Ellie, we’ve taken a real shine to this pair and everything about the community slowly building around this fantastic idea.

The concept is pretty simple: everyone pays an equal £1 stake to receive a membership card and become part of the vinyl collection co-operative, you then pay an additional monthly fee to gain access to all sorts of “freaky goodness”. There is a sliding scale of monthly payment options and it’s also possible to gain membership by simply giving up some of your free time and volunteering at the library a few hours a week. They welcome emails to thevinyllibrary@gmail.com for any questions you may have regarding this.

Although still very much an ongoing process, the libraries catalogue is now 5/6000 records strong and counting, with donations coming from all sorts of weird-and-wonderful sources. Whether that be djs, producers, renowned collectors, cinemas, record labels or simply Paul from Crystal Palace, who also wowed the masses with his top drawer selections at the launch party a few weeks ago. Just head down on any given weekend and you’re likely to see youngsters from all backgrounds beavering away with middle-aged locals.

For the first of our new Speakers’ Corner feature we sat down on the terrace of The Vinyl Library on a warm summer’s evening to find out how it came to be…

The Vinyl Library

Interview: Matt Geer & Josh Thomas
Photography: Syma Mohammed