Song-By-Song: DJ F – ‘1974’

Since 2009, Flavio Tortora has been releasing music under the moniker DJ F. The success of his first solo EP ‘Calma’ on Chaval Records resulted in Tortora releasing on prestigious imprints such as Semantica.

Following his three-track EP ‘Transformación’, the Madrid native returns to A Harmless Deed with the release of his album ‘1974’. The six-tracks explore various dance-floor friendly musical themes, referencing Electro, House and Techno. Wielding a maturer sound, the often upbeat and melodic ‘1974’ utilises serene synth lines supported by a resolute percussive foundation, resulting in a euphoric, immersive listening experience.

Snippets of the forthcoming album can be streamed below, along with an earnest elaboration from DJ F regarding his personal attachments towards his music, and how his ideology influences the themes behind his tracks.


This is a happy harmonious song… It makes me feel well, full of energy and rhythm. This track has different views, it could be euphoria and also melancholy or love. It was done in a very special moment, I normally don’t know how my tracks are going to end up, I just start writing sequences and I guess the result is highly influenced by my current mood.


With this song I tried to describe a bright and light universe. This is the spirit of almost all my stories, I know it sounds kind of abstract, but I always try to tell a story through my music. It is very important to feel every part of the song and to be able to give meaning to all the parts that form it. I guess that’s why ‘Subconscient’ was also one of Damian Schwartz’s favourites when I went to his place to choose the tracks for the album.


This may be the most emotional song for me, memories and dreams, realities and fantasies narrated in a very classical Electro structure. I’m a huge Electro fan, this was originally written under my other pseudonym Ideograma which I use when producing Electro, but we wanted to include an Electro track to show all my facets, and that’s how ‘Peaceful mind’ ended up on here.


The story I try to express here speaks about how everything and everyone around is under a time mesure… years, seconds, centuries… lightyears. Always keeping in mind the importance of living the moment, we are present. This also plays a very important role in the way I produce my music. I don’t use computers, so I sequence everything live, recording it to a DAT recorder. That means it’s fluid while I work, it also means that any little error leads me to start over until everything works out. I know it is kind of a rudimentary way to work, but it lets me capture those special moments that are difficult to obtain while you’re copying and pasting.


This song is very special for me, it’s inspired by the necessary balance in our universe, that everything has a place and a function. Not the type of control subjected to some interest and benefits, but the intrinsic natural control that finds itself in existence. It is also Damian’s favourite track of the whole album. Normally, after I finish a track I go to his place to record it into the computer, pass it through his mixer, add a bit of compression… and that’s how we selected the playlist for ‘1974’. Control was one of the tracks that inspired us to make an album instead of an EP.

‘Primavera en Kioto’

During a certain time in my life I used to watch a lot of oriental movies. Something that inspired me a lot from Japanese cinema was the use of natural elements in their stories. The wind, the rain or seasons can be guidelines, methaphors, scenarios or protagonists to some of these films. I truly believe in the sole power of nature to express, to tell a story, and that became the main element when writing this song.

‘1974’ will be released on May 19th. Pre-order the album here