Song-by-Song: Baba Stiltz – ‘Total’

Still only 21 years of age, Baba Stiltz has built up a muddled and varied body of work. The former ballet academy graduate has recorded two albums worth of cutesy Folk-Pop as The Bethlehem Beard Corporation, enjoyed success in the Skwee scene with a few high-pitched masterworks and made numerous beats for his friend, the divisive blog-Rap sensation Yung Lean. There are traces of these previous endeavors on ‘Total’, the Swede’s debut album under his own name for Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács & Petter Nordkvist’s Studio Barnhus label, with the press release promising listeners a healthy dose of “psychedelic screw-pop, minimalistic emo-acid and opiate-drenched coming-of-age-ambient”. This list of imaginary sub genres might appear a tad alienating, but in fact the effect on the listener is quite the opposite, as ‘Total’ coalesces into a glowing sonic embrace of faint melodies, soft rhythms and all consuming warmth that puts it up there with the finest albums we’ve heard all year.

Having already contributed a resolutely odd but brilliant Hyp mix earlier this year, we hit up Baba again to get the story behind the album that’s set to put him on the map.

1. Missing 

It’s scary I don’t know really where I am :_S This was not supposed to be on the album. It’s actually much longer, like ten minutes..

2. Reality Sparks

This is like a positive comedown- comedown is a silly word. comedown…. Btw it’s about when you been drinking too much and you start to see flashing spots of light when you’re sober and you get scared.

3. Rain Dance

This was me acting a fool in the studio with a friend- turned out spooky – in the back room not bathroom .-/


4. Sun Dance

This one is about a special person in my story- love songs are strange and a bit too personal so I don’t want to elaborate.

5. Ja Rule

I am happy with this one! feels strangely comforting. I like the dum du dum dum du -dum dum du dum part. It wasn’t called ja rule at first. but yeah makes sense I guess

6. Golden Eye

I hated Acid when I was younger before. but hey things change I guess. I tried my hand on the Legowelt sound here. Acid sound.

7. Aches

This was just clone machinery having group session 2gether. All one take! Fun stuff :-/ It’s like sad but happy —>sappy lol.

8. Drone Zone

Tila Tequila where are you?! ??? I hope you’re doing ok and not looking up at the sky with a runny nose. you’re perfect in a sense- do u.

9. WeeeB

None of my rapper friends wanted to kick rhymes on this here beat- so I threw it away. and then Kornél wanted it on the album. and I guess it was a good thing cause yeah.

10. Hotel Exile 

About my dad when he was not in jail and we lived in a hotel in fancy area in Stockholm!

11. Quest 1

Flute is my favourite synth sound . this has got that sound. It’s like soft with a twirl at the end. the amount of twirl is crucial. never too much twirl; if that’s not what you’re going 4.

12. Discovery -New Dawn 

This is the new beginning, a story that is continuously happening right now- see u soon 🙁 yeah my next thing will be so much more big room and relentless…

‘Total’ is out now on Studio Barnhus. Buy it here.