Seconds Of Sound: Warlock

A new regular series of sound exploration, Seconds Of Sound aims to explore the audio palette of a range of different producers, as we ask them to come up with some of their favourite sounds on a their most valued piece of studio equipment.

This week we’ve we hooked up with Rag & Bone Records mastermind Warlock. Having set up the much-respected label with Noyeahno originally to showcase their own darker, bass-heavy mutations, over the years Rag & Bone have released music by Kanji Kinetic, Drop The Lime, King Cannibal, Blackmass Plastics, FZV, Stagga and Excision, and have consistently brought new talent to the fore, catering for the entire spectrum of the hardcore continuum with releases taking in dubstep, electro, acid, bassline, Baltimore and a plethora of bass-heavy styles.

For his Seconds of Sound showcase, Warlock used a Sequential Circuits 6-Track sampler, creating some classic frequencies on a vintage piece of equipment; “these are some sounds I made on an old piece of kit very dear to me, a Sequential Circuits 6-Trak put through some effects. The machine is great for proper weirded-out sounds, and I do believe it was used to create sounds for Dr Who back in the day.”

Warlock – Seconds Of Sound by Hyponik

Warlock will be playing at the Z-Shed Vs. Coin Operated Warehouse Party on December 4th, where he’ll be playing a 1992 ‘rave armageddon’ set back-to-back set with Jerome Hill.