Seconds Of Sound: Boxcutter

For the 3rd in our ‘Seconds of Sound’ series we call upon Planet Mu’s king of melodic electronic intrigue, and one of Northern Irelands finest beat makers, Barry Lynn AKA Boxcutter.

Having released 3 albums on the Mike Paradinas-helmed label, Lynn has explored a plethora of textures and rhythms since his initial ‘Brood V.I.P/November’ 12″ on Scuba’s Hot Flush Recording’s back in 2005. Since developing 2-step, jungle and more traditional dubstep templates in the mid-noughties with first long player ‘Oneiric’ (literally translating as ‘dreamlike’), Boxcutter has refused to stand still, ceaselessly evolving his sound to take in free jazz, house, psychedelia and an organic take on production that most of his peers would kill for.

With the release of 4th album ‘The Dissolve’ promising to be a snyth-led fusion-fest, we called upon the man himself to lay down some original ideas exclusively for Hyponik. He didn’t disappoint.

Seconds of Sound: Boxcutter by Hyponik

Boxcutter’s 4th album, ‘The Dissolve’, will be released through Planet Mu on April 25.