Scintillating: Plaid

Still basking in the unmitigated success of their lauded ‘Scintilli’ album on Warp records late last year, the electronic duo commonly know as Plaid are an outfit that needs little introduction, having been at the forefront of electronic experimentation and the much maligned ‘IDM’ tag for over twenty years.

As members of legendary techno outfit The Black Dog, what producers Andy Turner and Ed Handley don’t know about modern electronic music, just ain’t worth hearing, and with the recent album exploring their trademark bustling rhythms and balancing this with a matured sense of space and calm, the Plaid sound is as stonrg today as it ever was.

With a forthcoming A/V show at Videocrash this weekend (January 14), we emailed the duo for an (albiet brief) interview to see what we can expect from Plaid in 2012.

What can we expect from the Videocrash show?
We have been tweaking and honing our set on a U.S. tour with some new bits and pieces.

Across the years, what one A/V project you’ve produced stands out to you, and why?
The feature film, Tekkon Kinkreet because the animation is so lovely.

Plaid – ‘Missing’

Tell us a bit about the latest album – how did you first come to work on a new Plaid ‘artist album’, following your soundtrack work?
We never really stopped writing and playing live, eventually, about 2 years ago, we had a collection of tracks that were the starting point for ‘Scintilli’.

If you had to name three influences on ‘Scintilli’, what would they be?
Bells, log cabins and espresso.

What do you make of the current electronic music scene?
It is a great time for electronic music. Along with the established ‘scenes’ there is always something new somewhere in the world. In terms of variety, it is the best it’s ever been.

A lot of young producers are looking back to the era in which you first started your careers for inspiration – do you think the new music harking back to classic Warp, R&S, Rephlex et al can come close to the breakthroughs made at that time?
At any time a producer can make a breakthrough. It’s more about doing your own thing with commitment and honesty than it is about time.

Is there anyone on the UK electronic scene you particularly rate at the moment?
Cloud Boat are great.

What’s the best rave you’ve ever attended, and why?
A big commercial Sunrise where they played ‘Strings of Life’ 7 times.

What’s in store for Plaid in 2012?
An E.P. soon, we hope.

Plaid play Soundcrash’s Videocrash show this Saturday January 14 – grab any remaining tickets here.