Re-Issues Of The Month: September

It’s that time of the month again, with the second instalment of Re-Issues of the Month bringing another diverse mosaic of sounds and genres that celebrates the sounds of the past that have been resurrected for a modern audience to enjoy all over again. From house to afro-funk to Balearic, there should be a little something for everyone this September, so get stuck in to our picks of the month!

Robert Armani – Collection (Dance Mania)

As Dance Mania continues its series of reissues, we’re given the pleasure of enjoying a set of Robert Armani’s best cuts of rugged techno. Having seemingly realised that the first of the series from Parris Mitchell was rather exorbitantly priced, this latest set comes at a much more wallet-friendly price and there’s really no reason not to pick it up. Whilst his productions may lack the crude, repetitive vocal samples the label is infamous for, Armani is, for my money, certainly one of the best artists on the imprint, with a consistency that can be sorely lacking in a discography with wildly varying levels of quality. With Robert Johnson the next to get the re-issue treatment, the series is only going to get better.

Freedom Family – Ayentsoo (Academy LPs)

Storming afro-funk hailing from Nigeria back in 1974, brought back into the limelight by Academy LPs in partnership Voodoo Funk’s Frank Gossner (who we were lucky enough to have a chat with recently). Whilst some funk and soul albums can fall a little flat at times, this constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat with an intensity that’s pretty hard to beat.

Kenny Dixon Jr. – Emotional Contact [TP’s Emotionally Deep Remix] (JD Records)

Terrence Parker takes the stomping Moodymann original and smooths of the rough edges for a scintillating house excursion. The distinctive vocal remain, whilst the jittery piano loop of the original is replaced with classic Detroit sampled chords and a seriously soulful sax line. Emotionally deep is right… My only criticism is that the whole original EP wasn’t re-issued, it seems a little backwards to only take one of the tracks from a classic release and press it to a single-sided vinyl…

Tony Fox – Love, Let Love And Be Love / I Wanna Get Next To You (Soul7)

We all know that collecting records can be a pricey addiction, especially if you’re collecting soul 7″s. Take this little number from Tony Fox from 3 decades ago. If you want to pick up an original you’re going to have to drop around £1,500, if you’ve got that kind of money. Of course, none of us do, so thankfully Soul7 have kindly re-issued a cracking example of modern deep soul. Uplifting and then some.

Finis Africae – El Secreto De Las 12 (EM Records)

Finis Africa’s El Secreto De Las 12, or The Secret Of 12 O’Clock, is a compilation of the Spanish artists finest tracks from releases across the 80s, combining atmospheric drone a la Oneohtrix Point Never with live Balearic instrumentation to great effect. The title track was apparently a mainstay at Ibiza back in the day and it’s not hard to see why, with spine-tingling flutes perforating the dreamy haze of guitars and pads.