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Re-Issues Of The Month: September

We’re back with another round up of the most exciting vinyl re-presses of the last month, from Disco to Grime…

Crate digging can be a time consuming hobby, regardless of whether you do your hunting in shops or online. We’ve been keeping watchful eyes on which old records are being re-issued to save you some energy. Below are our favourites from a range of styles and eras – some of which you might never have heard of, some you might never have thought you could afford, or some that just deserve a place in your collection.

Aby Ngana Diop – ‘Dieuleul-Dieuleul’

Aby Ngana Diop was a popular Senegalese Taasukat artist during the 1980s and 90s. She was ground-breaking in the sense that she became the first female vocalist to perform accompanied by Mbalax, Senegal’s quintessential pop genre. She passed away in 1997, but Awesome Tapes From Africa are now re-releasing her only album ‘Liital’ after finding and gaining permission from her family.

First Planet – ‘Top Of The World’

‘Top Of The World’ originally appeared on the Nigerian band’s rare self-titled LP in 1980. Heavy Afro-Funk with a healthy Disco backdrop, this two track re-press makes a great conclusion to Voodoo Funk’s Lagos Disco Inferno series.

Idris Muhammad – ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’

Muhammad sadly passed away earlier this year, but if you need a track to remember him by – ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’ would surely be up there. The track on its original 1977 12” format isn’t the cheapest second hand record, but you can pre-order this re-press in advance of its release later this month.

Mother’s Finest – ‘Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way’

Awesome late 70’s re-issue from Groove Line of Georgia’s Mother’s Finest. The track begins with a great Afro-Latin break before things get a little more rock riffy, staying fully funky throughout.

Raw Silk – ‘Just In Time’

Never been particularly rare or expensive, but it’s getting an inclusion as one of my all time favourites. West End are re-pressing this single (great news as my copy is awkwardly warped) as well as ‘Do It To The Music’, both of which were originally released in the early 80s.

Marshall Jefferson – ‘Move Your Body’

Another record that has never been hard to get hold of, but it deserves a mention as one of the most important House tracks of all time. First released on Trax in 1986, it hasn’t been officially re-pressed for ten years – so if you want a mint copy, now is your chance.

The Trojan Horse feat. Romanthony – ‘What $ Love (Roman’s Remix)’

The original House mixes of ‘What $ Love’ were released on New York’s Vinylmania in 1993. The original copies have been sold for crazy prices, so this new version from Glasgow Underground is very welcome. Romanthony passed away last year, aged just 46, but will be remembered for his influence on House music, as well as his vocal contributions on Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ and ‘Too Long’. This new release includes his original remix alongside three new mixes from Supernova, Christian Nielsen and Those Beats.

The Messenger – ‘Guide My Soul’

Classic Garage House from Todd Edwards’ The Messenger alias. Nervous Records have re-mastered this 1993 EP from DAT and made it available for a normal price once again.

Wizzbit – ‘Jam Hot’ 

Rinse FM are busy celebrating their 20th Birthday, and to mark the occasion they’re releasing a series of 9 limited edition vinyl. One of the most exciting of these is Geneus’ ‘Jam Hot’ – one of the Grime instrumentals of all time and, as a result, a pretty rare one too. One the flip is another classic – DJ Wonder’s ‘What’, which was also released on Target’s Dump Valve Recordings a decade ago. It’s not every day that instrumentals of this era get re-issued…

Burial – ‘South London Boroughs’

Did not see this one coming… A timeless classic from Burial, his first release on Hyperdub back in 2005. The original copies have been going for big prices on Discogs, so it’s most definitely a good thing that Rough Trade are giving this EP a new pressing.

Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett