First Listen: Trikk – ‘Midnight Sequence’ ( Hype LTD )

Wrap your ears around ‘Midnight Sequence’, the new EP from Trikk, before its release next Monday 28th October. 

Continuing a fine year for Hypercolour offshoot Hype LTD, that has seen well received releases from the likes of Youandewan, Kris Wadsworth and Alex Jones, is the new offering from London based Portugese producer Trikk aka. Bruno Deodato. Previous outings on George Fitzgerald’s Man Make Music have marked Deodato out as a strong fit for Hype LTD, with the producer displaying a strong aptitude for crafting dark House and Techno, something which he manages again with aplomb here.

Leading off the EP is the title track, with its distant foreboding air raid sirens and growling sub adding menace to the cut’s strong drive. One to strike fear in the heart whilst getting feet moving, this is a vintage Trikk number perfect for Bass and Techno DJ’s of all persuasions.

‘Back To Back’ inhabits the same shadowy atmosphere at the previous track, but removes some of its techno impetus in favour of a bass heavy drone. Extra marks are also awared for the effective deployment of a wounded descending note, which serves to add a dread more commonly found in the muckier end of Old Skool Jungle.

‘Labour 91’ takes thing down a considerably more upbeat route, as Deodato drops a cut of pounding Chi-Town flavoured house. Drum rolls, chord stabs and vocal snippets ensure this is one is a guaranteed fist pumper.

‘Prime Time’ bangs with a similar force, though on this occasion Deodato goes in to full big room mode, delivering a rave ready breakdown that allows for a brief respite from the onslaught of hefty kick drums.

Check out our exclusive first listen of the ‘Midnight Sequence’ EP below before its release next Monday.