In Pictures: Friday Late – Sound It Out x Boiler Room

Check out our photos from a night of music and electronic experimentation curated by the V&A Museum on Friday 31st January.

On the list of Friday night destinations, its a pretty safe assumption that ‘museum’ doesn’t crack most people’s Top 20. Recent roadblock events, including last year’s Warp X Tate event and the electronic explorations taking place at The V&A at the end of last month, are doing their part to alter this. Several thousand braved the rain 31st January to enjoy an evening of eclectic and experimental music and eye opening, innovative technology across the Victoria and Albert’s sprawling South Kensington premises in what was, all things considered, a resounding success.

Never the fustiest of museums, the V&A, which played host to the hugely popular David Bowie exhibition and a range of live performances last year, proved to be a rather less incongruous setting than many would have expected. Certainly the novelty of drinking pints and listening to the Boiler Room crew playing Madlib whilst dancing right next to priceless ancient Greek sculptures was one that lasted the whole night, but for the most part this was an event that embraced the strengths of its participants as well as the space as a whole and was much more than bizarre booze up. Admittedly such accolades hold little weight in February, but Hyponik will be mighty impressed if we see anything as visually and aurally stunning as London Modular and Untold‘s epic monochrome synth jam in the upper echelon’s of the museum. Undoubtedly anyone who was there will join us in agreeing that the sight of people dancing in the aisles as the quartet freestyled Acid Techno is one that will live long in the memory.

Elsewhere, Erased Tapes artist Rival Consoles messed around with sounds recorded on the night to create some pretty jawdropping A/V material, PAN’s Bill Kouglias and Mat Dryhurst experimented with the artistic potential of the Boiler Room’s live stream, and Kieran Mcleod‘s mind boggling improvisational ensemble group Human Resource project caused more than a few headf***s. With technology demonstrations and sound installations from the likes of Empyset and Heatsick‘s Steven Warwick to be found at every turn around the V&A, this was a free night that managed the incredibly difficult task of being both thought provoking and entertaining with some aplomb. 
















Photography: James Clothier