In Pictures: Evian Christ & David Rudnick Present The Trance War

Photos from a startling evening with Evian Christ and David Rudnick’s installation and performance.

Last Thursday, recent Warp signing Evian Christ unveiled his collaborative project with artist David Rudnick –  The Trance War – at London’s ICA. In partnership with Warp Arts and supported by Arts Council England, Evian Christ and Rudnick took the audience on a journey through publications, pamphlets and posters documenting the Trance War, as well as a formidable dog statue to commemorate the 30,000 canines that lost their lives during the imaginary conflict.

Walking round in bemusement whilst the names of each of the deceased dogs were recited over a loudspeaker, audience members took in Trance War materials that included an impressive array of Euphoria and Gatecrasher compilations. After an hour or so, a child took to the podium to recite choir versions of classic Trance numbers atop an Evian Christ produced backing track of Gregorian chants, scattering synths and a cinematic level of sound design. It was a suspenseful build-up until a deluge of confetti dropped from the ceiling and stewards in high-vis jackets parted the crowd whilst wielding glow sticks. Even if many aspects of the exhibition were tongue in cheek, it was an undeniably impressive feat. And though we weren’t treated to what sounded like full-on tracks, if what was played that night was any hint of Christ’s musical direction on his next release, fans should be very excited.

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Photography: Josh Thomas