Philipp Gorbachev picks 6 Russian techno tracks you should hear

The Moscow producer lets you know what’s good in Russia, with the help of some choice emojis.

Philipp Gorbachev’s vibrant, high octane sound is a unique blend, rooted in techno, but characterised by his own atmospheric touch. The Moscow native merges a thumping package of dance music, perhaps best exemplified by the captivating compositions of his sophomore LP, Unlock The Box, which is the first record to be released on Gorbachev’s own PG TUNE imprint.

The album’s accompanying live show was revealed last month at Centrifuge in Moscow’s Krugozor, though it was originally meant to be debuted at Outline Festival, before that was shut down by the Russian authorities.

As a figurehead in Russia’s burgeoning underground, it was only natural for him to share a selection of picks from the country’s contemporary electronic scene, illustrated entirely through emojis.

Here’s what Gorbachev had to say about the picks:

“There is not much properly released music from here…we are working on it, here is something that might give you an idea” – x PG

sunglasses emoji


hand writing

2. OBGON – Failed Background


3. Nikita Zabelin – Rush (трип)

winky face

4.PTU – Taorak (трип)

chocolate bar emoji

5. Philipp Gorbachev – Without You feat Polina & Interchain (PG TUNE)

telephone emoji

6. Easy Changes – Indeeweed for JG (ARMA records)

dice emoji

Unlock The Box is out now on PG TUNE. Order it here.