Overkill: Bloc 2011 Promo Mix

Continuing our Bloc 2011 mix series, we call upon upon the boss of one of the most exciting stages at this years weekender, Overkill mainman N>E>D.

Overkill have been running some of the finest underground electronics events since 2006, booking names as diverse as Autechre, Distance, Luke Vibert, DMX Krew, 16-Bit, Chris Clark and various other aggressive bass connoisseurs around the country, and being involved with Bloc since their showcase at the 2008 festival.

Once again hosting the Overkill stage at this years Bloc, 2011 sees N>E>D bring a selection of bleeding edge talent in the form of Venetian Snares, DJ Funk, King Midas Sound, Daedelus, Carsten Nicolai and Jimmy Edgar to Minehead, providing the finest glitch, bass and rave for purveyors of upfront electronics. His promo mix features all of the artists performing at the Overkill stage this year, including a few exclusives and surprises to get your ears thumping – basically, it’s a certified banger – check it out below, and get N>E>D’s thought’s on the Bloc experience in our Q&A.

N>E>D: Bloc 2011/Overkill Mix by Hyponik

Overkill Bloc 2011 Tracklist:
01. Daedelus, Paperboy & Taz – Touchstone
02. Doshy – Chip (P45 Remix / Unreleased)
03. Luka Baumann – Emergence Nine (Go Hiyama Remix)
04. Alva Noto – U 07
05. Ghettozoid – BoyToy J (Silverman Remix / Unreleased)
06. Hecq – Nihilum (Unreleased)
07. Barker & Baumecker – Cant Stand It (Jimmy Edgar Makeover) (Absurd Recordings / Unreleased)
08. DJ Funk – Knock Knock
09. DJ Funk – Pussy Ride
10. DJ Funk – Dance Mania Mix Intro
11. DJ Rashad – Right Into Yo Arms
12. MachineDrum – Gbye / Unreleased)
13. Ebola – Alpha Paw
14. The Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa
15. Brixton Jungle? – 1994
16. Ganja Krew – Wild For The Night
17. Venetian Snares – Defluxion
18. King Midas Sound – Outta Space

Can you talk us through how you’ve put your BLOC 2011 promo mix together?
I use Traktor to DJ, I like it cos its so compact and you can do fun things. I was asked by Bloc to come up with a mix that showcases all the acts on the Overkill stage (which i program), so here it is. Plus a few gems that have floated into my playlist…

Any highlights in the tracklist?
Lots! I love all these tracks! In particular, loving the P45 remix of Doshy – nice subbass rushy techno hop. Silverman’s remix of Ghettozoid is proper rave hop with an ace old school feel. Hecq’s Nihilum is badass – amazing production. Jimmy Edgar’s remix of Barker & Baumecker is a great club track switching between dubstep and razzy techno effortlessly.
Those 4 tracks will be to be released soon on various labels, but this posse of music makers form the Berlin crew involved with the Leisure System events at Berghain. Oh – and we’re starting a Leisure System label very soon!

What have you been listening to recently?
Alot of new housey ravey stuff, loving the club revival in general. Loads of new labels and young artists is great to see. Recently listening to Lone, Slugabed, Machinedrum, Velour, Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jacques Greene, Koreless and Barker.

Can give us a brief history of Overkill – what is it you stand for in the 2011 electronic music scene?
Overkill was born in a dirty field at the Glade festival in 2006. It was the ‘alternative’ music stage and we programmed the more extreme electronics from breakcore to noise bands to techie dubstep. It then grew to encompass a wider selection of electronics but we still aimed to be edgy and give a platform for new acts.
We’re looking forward to returning to the reformed Glade Festival on June 10th, 11th and 12th – Viva La Glade!

How did you first get involved with BLOC?
Through booking acts via the Littlebig Agency, although I first got to know Alex & George when they were little ravers making fun parties in Brighton – they invited us to make an Overkill stage at BLOC and of course we were well up for it.

Talk us through your stage at BLOC this year…
This year we are proud to welcome the uniquely entertaining gentleman Daedelus to the Overkill stage for the first time. Kevin Martin’s King Midas Sound bring the heaviest, noisiest live dub show on earth and we host an extremely rare show from Germany’s Carsten Nicolai performing his stunning Alva Noto AV show. Jimmy Edgar performs a new live set showcasing the sexiest electrons around and right now in Chicago DJ Funk is practicing his Ghettotech thrusts so he can pummel you hard. To end the night in true Overkill style Venetian Snares will kill you over and over and over.

Is there anyone you’re particularly looking forward to at Bloc this year?
LFO – I love his live shows, and its so rare that you get to see him play – a total master of sound – can’t wait.
Jacques Greene as I’ve just started working with him and he’s totally got me back into house music, so looking forward to hearing his tunes on a decent PA, and Dopplereffekt; I’ve never had the privilege to see their live show although i’ve heard so many reports about it being weird. Which makes me wanna see it more!

How would you some up the BLOC weekend?
A proper British party. Get your eggs, bacon & beer in the fridge. Put on your best raving t-shirt and go freakin’ nuts for the weekend. Lovely.

You can buy advance tickets, catch interviews with the line-up and find out more information over at the Bloc site.