Kevin MPhee

No Heartbreak Here: Kevin McPhee

Toronto-based producer Kevin PcPhee first caught our attention early this year, when he released the superb ‘Get In With You / Bridges’ 12″ on [nakedlunch], the Irish imprint that has released music from the likes of Scuba, Cosmin TRG and Instra:Mental.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the current sounds of house, bass and garage reverberating from the UK, not to mention living over 3,000 miles away from the sound’s current London hub, McPhee has nonetheless made an impression on the scene, with further releases for frontier labels Hypercolour and Bristol’s Idle Hands winning fans across the board.

His subtle and at times sombre take on broken dubstep and percussive house is drenched in post-Burial and James Blake-ian atmospherics, as anyone who’s heard the yearning vocals on tracks like ‘I Will’ and ‘Get In With You’ could testify. Following the release of his latest EP, ‘Blue Organ’, we sent a few questions across the pond to check the Toronto mans stance on the UK scene.

Tell us how you first hooked up with UK-based labels like [nakedlunch], Idle Hands and Hypercolour?
[Nakedlunch] got in touch after hearing a song of mine on Rinse FM. I got in touch with Chris at Idlehands as a result of Kowton playing a few of my tracks I’d sent him at the shop, Rooted Records. Then Jamie at Hypercolour got in touch following my first release earlier this year.

There’s something of the UK sound in your productions – have you ever played out over here, and if so what was it like?
I haven’t played out much in Toronto, let alone ever in the UK. I’m hoping to make my way over there sometime soon though!

What UK producers are you checking for at the minute? And anyone in particular over the years that you’d like to namecheck?
Alex Coulton, Gerry Read, the Instra:mental guys, Pinch, Peverelist, Kowton, Blawan and anything Hessle related. I’ve been playing catch up with a lot of the garage stuff from years back, it seems that it’s mostly white labels that grab my attention, so I can’t give you much in the way of names specifically.

What’s the house/bass scene like in Toronto?
I haven’t really gone to many house nights here, the few times I do find myself going out it tends to be to nights with a wide variety of sounds being played. People seem to be really into hearing just about anything it seems. It makes djing a lot more enjoyable.

Your sound has a certain sombreness to it – have you been through some heartbreak, or is that just the sound palette that appeals?
No heartbreak here. I’m quite a cheerful fellow, in fact. My next releases in the new year will be more upbeat – I’m hoping to widen my palette to better reflect what I tend to dj.

What have you got coming up in 2012?
In the new year I’ll be working with Tectonic, Idle Hands, Brainmath and a few other labels. Hopefully I’ll get some remix offers as well.

Any plans to get over to the UK in the new year?
I’d like to find myself over there in the summertime. That side of things is quite new to me, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

‘Blue Organ’ is out now on Hypercolour.