Neana Vs. Gage

The latest ‘Vs.’ brings together two of the newest names in British club music for an irreverent discussion on just about everything.

Two young British producers with pretty slender discographies to date, Neana and Gage make tunes that couldn’t possibly sound more current. The former is one of the newest members of the Night Slugs family, carefully honing his craft under the stewardship of Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, whilst the latter has just dropped a berserk Grime EP on Bristol’s Crazylegs imprint. Both fans of chucking everything but the kitchen sink into the mix in order to make mind-bogglingly vivid and engaging club music, the previous collision between the two producers came in the form of Gage sending for Neana as part of last year’s ‘Wardubs’ craze.

Now as they take turns interviewing each other for us, they find time to discuss their thoughts on music and dream pieces of production hardware, but mainly the focus is on bagels, scarves, milkshakes and pizzas. Enjoy…

Neana interviews Gage 

Neana: What are some of your pet hates?

Gage: When people peel the top of the milk carton half off! (laughs) I hate it so much. Just take it off man. What else? When people don’t close cereal boxes properly and then it just goes stale in like a week.

N: So mostly like kitchen manners?

G: Most of my questions are actually about food.

N: Yeah same, most of mine too! Leading on from that, what’s your favourite flavour of Frijj? The milkshake…

G: Strawberry! That was like a comedown remedy for me when I was 19! After a rave when you couldn’t eat, you’d just get a Strawberry Frijj.

N: They are like a meal though..

G: Yeah, yeah. Strawberry definitely.

N: If you could be sick at front or back flips, which would you choose? Like you could just do them like that.

G: Back flips I think… Nah front flips are better than back flips I think. Backflips look a bit next…

N: You’d just end up landing on your palms all the time, unless you were sick at them…

G: Yeah I mean if you were sick at them it could be cool but I don’t think even if I could I would just stand there doing front flips. It would be like, ‘who’s this guy doing front flips?’. That’s not me.

N: Okay moving on… Some of these are borrowed from Tash’s Uni Application process: How would you change the world?

G: (laughs) Fucking hell…

N: That one’s a bit deep we can err move on… save that one until last.

G: (still laughing) Yeah cool…

N: Okay so this one is actually relevant: Which of your tunes that you’ve made took you the longest from start to finish?

G: There’s one called ‘Legs’

N: Yeah I’ve got that one

G: That took like 3 or 4 months to finish, its still ongoing and I’m still making different versions. There’s something else I’m working on, a collabo where stems have been confused.

N: What producers have you been rating recently, that you’ve been playing out?

G: People like you, Murlo. A lot of my sets consist of a lot of your stuff but there’s Ziro in Bristol. Everything that I’m hearing that’s either finished or a work in progress is fucking sick. Honestly you should hear some of his shit, its insane. I’ve been getting stuff more recently from Air Max 97, Shriekin’ Specialist as well.

N: What do you drink when you’re out?

G: JD and Diet Coke, that’s me bruv. My pancreas kind of limits what I can drink so JD and Diet Coke’s me definitely.

N: I’ve just moved on to Brandy & Coke…

G: Yeah I go through Brandy as well. Dark Rum’s always good but if I had a choice it would be JD…

N: Seen. What was the last set you saw that made you go wow?

G: You know what actually? When you and Georgia Girls played at Timbuktu, that was the first time I’ve seen them club sounds really pushed in Bristol and it sounded really fresh. Seeing the way people reacted was cool as well.

N: The booth was like forehead height for me, so I didn’t see anything but a few heads! (laughs)

G: Yeah, yeah. I was more outside the box. That was real cool man. I didn’t know how that would go because I’d always pondered how that would work with people.

N: Yeah that was a fun set.

G: And how would I change the world…

N: On a micro or a macro scale?

G: Ummm on a micro scale – food would never go off. That would be that innit.

N: Have you heard about this ‘soilent’ thing?

G: Nah, go for it.

N: So its like this pill that they’re developing where it gives you all your nutrients for the day and you basically don’t have to eat anything…

G: Fuck that! I like eating bruv…

N: Nah you can eat, but you don’t have to…

G: But surely if you eat, you’ll just end up with bare obese people that take that and then they’re like ‘fuck it, I’m hungry’.

N: You could just live off it as you need to.

G: Spaceman shit… Ah yeah actually if I could change the world we’d know about the 99% of space that’s dark that we’ll never see.

N: That’s a good one.

Gage interviews Neana

Gage: Obviously now we’ve got the internet and shit, (laughs) geography isn’t as much of a factor when it comes to making music or building scenes. Would you say coming to London has influenced you as much as the internet?

Neana: Growing up in the Lake District, the only music I was hearing came from the internet. I didn’t see any live music or anything like that, it was just the internet and a small group of friends. When I came to London I was still digesting all that music, but it was more about being in the environment – going to parties, which was inspiring as well.

G: …putting it in context.

N: Yeah, yeah. So they definitely influence each other.

G: Give me some tracks that are doing it for you right now then?

N: This one by K-Shiz, called ‘Drop It Down’. It’s got this fucking crazy bassline in it, just a two note one, that goes throughout the whole track. This Jersey tune yeah. Its got crazy loops, its so much fun to play. The Georgia Girls, ‘1,2 Track VIP thing. That one’s sick… that’s just a demo as well!

G: What brand of bread do you eat?

N: What like loaves? I don’t usually buy loaves. I buy Bagels. I like the New York Bagel company. Mostly Sesame, sometimes brown.

G: Its not about the Sesame bruv.

N: What you don’t rate that extra bit of texture?!

G: Not even bruv, its never about that. The New York Bagel company, I can go with that. That’s a shout.

N: What flavour do you go for?

G: I just go plain bruv. Bread is best in its purest form innit.

N: Nah you’re wrong. We had a loaf at the bakery round by yours, with Sundried Tomato. That with a bit of butter on – sick. Flavoured bread its like a meal basically!

G: Make me your perfect pizza… obviously don’t actually make it just, you know.

N: Okay so I made this one at mine once from scratch with flour in a pan. I put some sort of BBQ sauce on, not full BBQ though so it wasn’t that strong. Chicken, chorizo, sweetcorn, Mozzarella, Cheddar…

G: Cheddar as well?

N: Yeah, just a bit of both. Then mushrooms on top of that and you grill it and the mushrooms go really dry. Its good.

G: I can’t agree with that but okay…

N: Why what was yours?

G: Nah just fuck mushrooms innit. Okay I’m gonna go a bit more serious on this one: If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do studio wise. Is there any bit of kit in mind that isn’t in your range right now?

N: There’s a couple drum machines I’ve been trying to get hold of. A Boss 660, which I almost bought once, but I got the wrong one off eBay. It was about £2 cheaper but it was bollocks. This other one’s called a Quasi-Midi 309, nicknamed the ‘Raveolution’. Its got all these fucked up noises that I’ve never heard anywhere else. Maybe a sick Tape Saturator if I could, or a Tape Delay as well.

G: Talk me through your relationship with scarves?

N:  (laughs) So I’m not sure when this started, but when I met Glacial Sound in Berlin, the whole night he was just rolling round with the grey scarf on his head like it was nothing. The next few days I was with Moleskin again and I bought this scarf that I’m wearing now. Also at the same time again my house was just well cold so it would be like hat and scarf inside all the time, so I would never walk around without a scarf. I just wear one to the club. Also its comfy around your neck.

G: Okay, I’m gonna fire back the question you fired at me. If you could change the world, how would you do it?

N: Having food for everyone would be sick or some sort of food alternative would be sick…

G: Like the one you explained earlier…

N: Yeah, the ‘soilent thing’, it would just be sick if everyone had food or had the option to have food because I think that’s pretty bait like wealth distribution and that.

G: If you could change your world…

N: I dunno if I’d live in London. Nah to be fair I’m enjoying London at the moment, but I’d definitely move Berlin or somewhere like that. Somewhere cold… Oslo would be a laugh.

G: What is it like?

N: Yeah its cool, everywhere was really nice – well designed. Its snowy as well which was nice.

G: Last one: If you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?

N: Someone asked me this the other day… I can’t really think of an animal that reflects my personality. I think big cats are really sick, like Panthers. Just rare big cats like that.

G: I’ve got one like that prepped for job interviews and that, where you say that you’d be a duck. Then you could swim in the water, walk on the land and fly.

N: You’re going everywhere.

G: Straight.

N: Being able to fly would be sick.

G: I taught myself to fly once in lucid dreams.

N: Fuck off. How can you teach yourself to fly?

G: There’s like books and that. In first year of university you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and fuck all to do (laughs) You slowly start jumping – this is in the dream obviously not in real life, then before you know you’re jumping like 500 feet at a time, its fucking insane!