Modern Archimedes: Daedelus

Come April 13, London beats/bass promoters Soundcrash will present, a night quite unlike your average East London night out.

Headlining is Daedelus, a man world-renowned for a performance deeply coloured by his distinctive character and appearance. He brings a true audio-visual experience through his live set and supporting backdrop, ‘Archimedes.’ East Village will witness the new model of Daedalus’ creation; a wall of mirrors, precisely designed to use light as a compliment to the music.

Also appearing on the night is the immensely talented showman Taylor McFerrin, NTS Radio and Brownswood’s DJ Kutmah and London’s own Throwing Snow.

We caught up with Daedelus himself to hear more about his new live set up, his next album, and the supporting acts playing on April 13…

For the Soundcrash show you’re supported by a diverse bunch of performers in Taylor McFerrin, Kutmah and Throwing Snow. Taylor McFerrin obviously rocks a performance style comparable to your own. What do you see in Kutmah and Throwing Snow that makes them the right DJs to compliment your performance?
Ha! You see I can say with some confidence that Kutmah is my favorite DJ; I believe to be one of the most inventive and groundbreaking – this claim can be backed up by the wave of music coming from Los Angeles that he was very much a part in generating. And Throwing Snow has been doing amazing work for sometime, the soulful side of bass music, he is not a known equation to me, but I have faith in this evening that Soundcrash has made will be beyond memorable.

How do you approach your own set differently when you’re backed by Archimedes?
Archimedes provides a different time frame. With previous touring it was a different Archimedes, this is our 2.0, more agile and learned from last year’s appearance at Coachella and surrounding touring. I’m eager to find out what timing this will provide and where we can go up from there!

Have you noticed heightened crowd reactions since the inclusion of Archimedes into your shows?
It has been a fantastic, their eyes now cast upwards, every now and again people will take moments from dancing to look up into the vault of the venue, even back into the crowd and get a glimpse of what I get to see. Beautiful light dancing across so many faces, moving.

We know you worked with a couple of visual artists in creating Archimedes, namely Emmanuel Biard and David Leonard; how involved were you with the technical designing of the mirrored backdrop?
I had very little to do with the technical side, the maths involved for movement and frameworks, the motors and projectors, all the brilliance of Emmanuel and David. I just functioned like a sounding board for our idea, always asking stupid questions that needed to be asked (I think, perhaps not always).

Is Archimedes a final product, or can you see it evolving over time to involve even more aspects of audiovisual technology and art?
A work in progress, this being the next evolution – and now so much more then the previous, I cannot imagine where it could go from here – hopefully not needing Google Glasses that’s for sure!

Is your appearance, which has been described variously as ‘dapper,’ ‘dandy’ and ‘elaborate’ as important as other aspects of the visual show?
Kind of you to use those words rather than ‘rumpled’ or worse. I dress up for myself mostly, it is an aspiration for something far more grand for the stage and in life. This visual show is certainly heightening rather than concealing.

Teebs is another producer keeping art closely associating with his music, and presenting the two together in exhibition form. Is this something Brainfeeder push specifically, and why is that?
Brainfeeder is awesome because it really hasn’t given in. It is partially a rebel movement of music, visual art, and film all thru the producers working on Brainfeeder and indeed Flying Lotus‘ efforts outside of. Teebs, no matter what label is repping him, is amazing; but with Brainfeeder there is certainly kindred spirits.

Are there any other artists you see as pioneering a sound similar to your own?
So many – talented, established, and upcoming. A few that quickly come to mind are Machinedrum, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and younger LDFD, Deft, DJ Clap, Galapagoose, Lil Jabba, Morri$ – so many more doing these electronics so well.

Does the title of your last album ‘Bespoke’ hint at something about yourself as a person and/or as a musician?
Yes. But telling wouldn’t be as fun; I don’t want anyone to get caught up overly much in my vision of the record, not entirely, it is an LP for ears, just as the next will be the sum total of myself I don’t want that to doom what it could be for someone else.

I know you have a forthcoming remix on the Slugabed album, but does the touring and live shows mean other productions have to be put on hold for a while? Do you work on the road?
Like I briefly mentioned before I have a new record finished entitled ‘Look Ocean’ it is nice to say that aloud, never really had the chance to say it’s finished, it is so fresh in the doing.

Head to the Soundcrash website for more info and tickets on the upcoming Daedelus show.