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The Metalheadz guide to Sunfall Festival

With over 20 years in the game, Metalheadz have remained one of the most influential labels to emerge from the UK underground. Founded in 1994 by drum and bass pioneer Goldie and Kemistry & Storm, the collective have dropped seminal records over the years from the likes of Photek, Dillinja, Alex Reece and Source Direct. They stand just as strong today, with newer additions to the family such as Om Unit and Ulterior Motive holding the torch by consistently pushing the boundaries of bass music and re-shaping any box they are placed in.

As well as a phenomenal back-catalogue, Metalheadz are infamous for hosting some of the most groundbreaking club nights London has ever been able to offer. Their Sunday sessions at London’s Blue Note club are of historical significance, and today they continue to sell out club nights and host stages at some of the biggest festivals. So it comes as no surprise that new London festival Sunfall has asked them to take over one of its night sessions in association with Outlook Festival. Held at Fire in Vauxhall, the line-up boasts a huge roster of bass heavyweights, including Commodo, Madam X, Mala and Doc Scott. Ahead of the session, we asked the Metalheadz crew for their festival tips, who they’d like to see on the weekend, and what we can expect from their stage.


What can we expect from the Metalheadz crew at Sunfall festival?

The full spectrum of what we think is good and true to the craft, be it old or new. We’ll be showcasing what we feel is the best music this genre has to offer (that’s our own opinion, of course!).

Who else will you be seeing on the line up?

Too many good acts to pick from, the line up is truly outstanding and in our opinion very tasteful all round. Real music… Goldie and dBridge (obviously!), Digital Mystikz, Moodymann, Omar S, Shackleton, Ben Klock, Om Unit VS Sam Binga and Benji B are probably our front runners to go and see.

Best festival tip for a first timer?

Be open to hearing as much as possible and maybe check out some acts you’re unfamiliar with. Some of the best festival experiences we hear of turn out to be the ones where people end up at a random stage with friends checking out and falling in love with an artist who’s music they’ve never previously experienced, or even heard of.

Best festival experience as a DJ?

Best might have to be Outlook Festival, the setting just makes it magic for us and we’re lucky to be invited over most years so it’s hard for us to not big them up on all fronts.

What advice would you give to make sure you last both day and night?

Pace yourself, don’t drink too much during the day, sound like someone’s dad but drink lots of water too. The other plus to all of this is you won’t be skint by the evening and the credit card might not even make it out!

How does a Metalheadz show differ between a festival and a club?

We don’t differ our sound for either, we play what we believe in. None of our artists go out there with a USB / set to play filled with “festival big hitters”, it’s just never been our approach to this music.

What’s your favourite thing about the festival season?

The weather (said with fingers crossed!) and just seeing the excitement on people’s faces really at being part of what is always a great get together.

Your after party will see you go against the Outlook stage, hosting the likes of bass heavyweights Mala and Mumdance, what is the correlation between the two rooms?

It’s bass heavy music across both rooms; we love those guys so we’re placed well.

Which after party would you be going to if Metalheadz weren’t hosting one?

It’s a tough call but maybe the Deviation one, the lines-up is great and Moodymann is headlining along with a heap of great acts. It looks very special and unmissable, except we will miss it as we’ll be (hopefully) giving what will be a great crowd something to remember at Fire.

Any upcoming gossip from the Metalheadz camp?

We’ve got a couple of great albums on the way from SCAR and Dom & Roland + an album in the pipeline from Goldie even! Watch this space…

Metalheadz and Outlook Festival take over Fire in Vauxhall as part of Sunfall Festival, July 9. More info and tickets here.